Unreal videos

Length: medium-short

This whole situation is abnormal. It shouldn’t happen. But it’s happening, and I have no idea how to stop it.
Mom says it’ll be fine, the police will believe me and everyone will understand and forget.
But I’m terrified. The damage has now been done. And those videos… those videos will never go away from the internet.
Damn that day when the idea of ​​becoming an influencer crossed my mind.
I was so stupid.
I was a kid like the others, just a little cuter than average. I had a lot of friends in class, and the teachers loved me too. Everyone liked me, and when I joined the gym I started posting harmless photos of my progress on my social profiles.
I started getting so many “likes” and so many followers, so many that all of a sudden I found myself being known by the whole school. I was something like a celebrity, and I loved that feeling. The feeling of being important.
I wanted more, and so I opened a Youtube channel. The result at the beginning was … well, poor. People followed me only for the pretty face and the abs, certainly not to see me speak in front of a camera. It was at that moment that I realized I wasn’t really important. No… I was just good looking, and people just wanted to look at me, not listen to me.
But to tell the truth, I didn’t mind all of this. I knew that a lot of friends were mainly around me because of my fame, but I didn’t give a damn. I had fun with them, and I also had a small and personal circle of guys that I really loved very much, and I’m sure they loved me too.
I was happy those days. But not satisfied. My failure with the videos left me a small wound in my pride, a wound that led me to this terrible situation.
One day I received an anonymous message. I don’t usually read those kinds of messages, it’s often useless advertising, but that message caught my attention because it advertised something that interested me: an automatic video editor.
I thought it was nonsense, but I still gave it a try.
I recorded a silly short video describing the diet I was following at the time, and the result was… incredible.
That program, which was free, generated more than sixty edited versions of the same video in a single hour of processing: those versions included unique animations, sounds, images that I hadn’t put in, and a complex and refined montages.
My heart took a dip when I saw that stuff. It was all so beautiful… and so easy.
I chose one of the sixty versions expecting to have to pay something, but as already mentioned the program was totally free.
I then uploaded that version on Youtube, but it didn’t get many views. The few who saw the video were enchanted by the beauty of the montage though. They found it very professional and elaborate, and so I started getting compliments that for the first time in my life were not just about my aesthetics.
Considering the ease with which I could make videos once I discovered that program, I decided to make at least three a week. Training videos, vlogs, stupid prank videos … and every time that program came out with crazy versions and animations worthy of a cinematic work.
The visuals have increased, but that wasn’t enough for me. I wanted more. And so the same site I downloaded the program from sent me a promotional message.
“Do you want to increase the visibility of your channel”? the message said.
My answer was obvious, and so I was made a simple proposal. I should have done three things: a video where I recited the entire alphabet aloud, several photos of my body, and a video shot in the dark; all videos then had to be sent to a specific address.
The last request seemed strange to me, but I had no problems making it, and once each point was done I was given a “video generator”: I just have to write what I want to see in the video, and it then generates one.
I didn’t believe it at first … but he really did it! That program generated perfectly edited and animated videos within a few hours of processing. All I had to do was write some sort of script for it to follow, and it did the rest.
The program didn’t work well at first though. I was clearly fake in those videos. I was saying strange and nonsense things, therefore I used that generator only for the special effects and nothing else.
Over time he started to know me, though. Over time its videos have gotten better than mine. And its version of me… well, it has become almost more realistic than I am in the hand-made videos.
When I record myself I very often get anxious: I stammer, I forget what I have to say, I do too obvious fake smiles … but my digital version did none of this. It was natural. It was realistic. It was credible.
The popularity of my videos skyrocketed. The quality was very high, but I was able to make them very easily and in a short time, which gave me enormous visibility. From a local celebrity I had become a national celebrity.
I was more than happy, and more than satisfied.
I started making money from those videos, making a lot of money. My old friends have abandoned me, but I have made others: famous, rich and beautiful friends like me.
Then… it happened. I started getting compliments that I didn’t understand.
“I didn’t think you could play the piano.”
“Since when are you a writer?”
“SO you also know how to fish?”
“You went to Prague and didn’t tell me?”
“Hey bro, your new moped is really cool!”
On my Youtube channel videos not made by me but by the generator were coming out. It produced them without my consent and loaded them by itself, automatically. I didn’t even think it could do it!
I quickly changed my channel password, but that didn’t stop the fake videos from being posted. A little nervous and scared, I did a rash action, that is cancel the channel … and I thought I had succeeded in the beginning.
But in reality what I had done was self-exiled myself from my own channel. In fact I was no longer able to enter it, but the channel continued to exist and the publication of the videos went on without any kind of delay. The revenue from the videos no longer reached me though, so the channel existed and published, but I had stopped making money.
I panicked.
I went into my other social profiles to explain the situation to my fans, but I started seeing weird things there too. Photos I’ve never taken… messages I’ve never written… comments I’ve never replied to… someone was using my profiles without my permission.
I didn’t know what to do. I had to ask someone for help, but who?
My first move was to uninstall the automatic video generator, but it didn’t help. I tried to delete all existing editing programs from my computer, but even that was useless: the photos and videos continued to be published.
The situation got worse when, at school, guys started to look at me in a … strange way. I understood later what was happening, when a friend of mine told me: “I didn’t think you like armpits too”.
Asking her for an explanation, she laughed at me, and then she showed me a pornographic video featuring me as the protagonist, where I was licking the armpits of both males and females in what looked like a gigantic orgy.
The worst of all is that this wasn’t my only porn video, and it certainly wasn’t the worst as I’ve seen videos where I swallow feces and drink urine straight from the source.
I puked after seeing them, and devoured by fear I ran home to ask someone for help.
I talked to my parents and told them my “secret”. They, like everyone else, thought I was the one editing my videos. I never told them the truth. I was too fond of being told “you are a computer genius” from my mom.
When I revealed the truth to them they took it well, they were not disappointed, on the contrary they believed me and immediately called the police.
Now it is coming.
But … but there is a problem.
A big problem.
I deleted everything. I can no longer access my channel, and I no longer have the editing programs on my computer. I have no proof that what I say is true.
I searched the internet, but apparently there are no “video generators” or “automatic editors”. And in fact, come to think of it … if such things really existed, why didn’t anyone but me use them? Why did no one but me know of their existence?
Maybe people use these programs secretly… or maybe these programs don’t actually exist. Maybe I was scammed.
The site where I downloaded the automatic editor has disappeared, for example. And the promotional messages I got have also disappeared.
I’m scared. What is going on? Someone definitely scammed me, but who? And why?
It will be easy to prove that I have never gone to Prague or do not have a moped, just as it will be easy to shut down my Youtube channel and delete my social profiles, but that’s not what torments me. The problem is another one.
Porn videos… who will take them off the internet? They are not on one site, and my whole school has now seen, shared and probably downloaded them as well. And even if I could prove that I’m not the one in the videos, the viewer would still see me, because the person in those videos are perfectly identical to me.
Right now I really would like to disappear into thin air.