The stories are very short and mostly self-contained, reading them is a matter of minutes. Some characters are recurring though, and some stories are connected; all of them are part of the same narrative universe.

The Blue Archive contains stories that describe the social, political and technological context of the narrative world

The Yellow Archive contains adventurous and exploratory type of stories

The Green Archive contains stories about human relationships, often friendships or love affairs

The Red Archive contains violent or sexual stories, not recommended for sensitive audiences

The Black Archive contains disturbing, creepy or weird stories

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Science was getting to a point where both dreams and nightmares could very well come true. 

  • Mnemonic manipulation: here they are shown a series of very short stories based on a medical practice capable of canceling or altering the effect of memories in people’s mind.
  • The Doc’s note: this is a story that shows a series of notes taken by a scientist during the creation of a new type of human.

Some locations are so strange that living in them is an adventure in itself.

  • The House: this story shows the memories of a man hired to work as a caretaker in a strange villa
  • Pool rooms: this is the story of a boy who went to a water park; he never returned from there

The “predators” were a group of people united by 3 things: they all had red hair, a perfectly trained body, and an inexplicable thirst for blood.

  • The Kid: a story that shows the latest video made by a group of friends, found aboard an abandoned ship; it seems that before disappearing they met a strange red-haired boy.

Some people like to be dominated, submitted and humiliated in a way or another… and that means that some people like to do the exact opposite.

  • The Peeping Tom: the story of a voyeur, caught in the act and punished accordingly
  • Little cousin: the story of a boy, whose life has been totally dominated by his cousin
  • Guest: the story of a boy who was arguing with his sister; he didn’t know that her boyfriend was in the house
  • Prodigy: the story of a young athlete so talented that he dominates his own master, physically and mentally
  • Her boyfriend: the story of a boy, whose roommate is engaged to a rather dominant guy
  • Trapped: the story of a poor weak man’s head that ended up in the grip of a young man’s muscular legs

It seemed a day like any other. Then the sun disappeared.

  • Her last train: the story of a girl traveling on a train; she never arrived at her destination
  • Inside the house:the story of a boy who after a night of fun went to sleep at dawn; when he woke up, however, it was still night

No one knew what was going on, but one thing was certain: the internet was no longer a safe place.

  • Unreal Videos: this story shows the last thoughts of a young boy who found his social life destroyed.
  • Black Bots:  this story shows the last moments of an ordinary person who has stumbled upon a new form of artificial intelligence.

It is no longer safe to be alone in the dark, because apparently that’s never the case

  • From The Sky: this is a story that shows brief notes left by a scientist just before his laboratory
  • “They want to replace us”: this is a story that shows the last video left by a white supremacist; he wanted to warn someone about something.
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