“They want to replace us!”

Durata lettura: medio

The video is recorded by a camera placed on a person’s forehead, and begins by showing us his hands resting on the steering wheel of a car; it’s dark outside, it’s night, and there are few lights around.
<<And here we are.>> says the voice of that person <<I give everyone who is watching the live a good night. But I also invite them to delay their sleep a bit, because I want them to witness something.>>
While speaking, the man gets out of the car; judging from his hands and voice he looks like a white male in his forties, and while he is recording he is in a very wooded place.
<<Do you know where I am?>> he asks as he advances towards the back of the car. <<This is a factory. A monster factory.>> he says as he opens the luggage <<And today I’ll destroy it.>> he adds, picking up what looks like a real assault rifle <<Today I’ll do some cleaning.>>
After having armed himself, he turns to the only visible building: it is large, not very tall, and being night it is poorly lit. It doesn’t look like a factory though.
<<You will wonder what brought me here.>> says the man as he advances towards the building <<So let me tell you my story.>> he makes a long sigh <<You know us by the name of White Terrorists. This is how the media have described us. Fanatics, supremacists and terrorists. We actually unleashed a bit of terror, I admit it. You remember our attacks, right? They were accurate. Precise. Perfect. And do you know why? Because they were manipulated. It all started when I joined a group that divided the world into races. They said we whites are the superior race. And I believed it.>> he sighs <<I really believed it. They made me feel both special and in danger. They answered many of my questions, and pointed to a clear enemy to focus on. Immigrants? Not really. We targeted the politicians who let them in. They were the real enemy. I thought they wanted to replace us. I thought they wanted to control us by mixing our blood with that of the “inferior races”, which from our point of view were more stupid and easier to control. This is why they were eventually colonized, because they were easy to submit. And that’s why they wanted to mix us with them. Or at least …>> he sighs again <<or at least that’s what they said. What he said. Our boss.>>
The man stops and looks around; there is no one in sight, only a dead silence.
After making sure that everything is alright he resumes his walk.
<<The group I was part of was harmless. We discussed our ideas in secret, on an online site. One day a user sent us a special link, an invitation to join a secret and private forum. The administrator of that forum himself invited us. He told us that he was not there to speak, but to act. And he said that only those willing to take risks could access the forum, the others had to stay away from it. I … I don’t know how I got into it. I was young and I thought I was a smart guy. I sold drugs as a kid, leading a small gang of ambitious brats. I thought I was a tough guy because of it, a guy willing to take risks for what he believed in, and at that moment I believed the administrator’s words. I believed that our race was in danger and that immediate action was needed to protect it.>> he tells walking in a rhythmic and regular way; his footsteps echo in the silence of the night <<I accepted the invitation of that person and I entered the forum. And that place was… just what I expected it to be. The administrator was not joking, and seemed to have the means to do whatever he wanted. He bought weapons and explosives and managed to get them everywhere. He said he was fighting to save our race, and he gave us proof of what he was doing. Video and audio of murders conducted against those who, according to him, “betrayed their origins”. One day I got weapons too. I found them in a box that was left in front of my front door. In the box there was also a sheet, and on the sheet there was written what I had to do … step by step. A very simple and very easy thing, an action that served to demonstrate that I was an active user ready to risk everything for the cause. I had to punish a person, an immigrant to be precise. I found him in the exact spot where I was told to look for him, and I beated him exactly as it was written on the sheet. I took some photos as proof, and uploaded them to the forum. I was rewarded with compliments and money, and I felt… powerful. Everyone in there felt powerful. We felt like superheroes, and the administrator was the one who gave us the superpowers. He told us exactly where to look and when to do it… and he was always right. He was never wrong. He seemed a sort of seer, a magician.>> he lets out another sigh <<Those were good times. I was young and full of energy, and yes, I was one of them. One of the White Terrorists. On the news they said all sorts of things about us because we operated in many countries and we were perfectly coordinated. We have never been caught, none of us have ever been tried. They said our attacks were bogus. They said we actually worked for some secret agency. They said many things … but the truth is only one. We just followed the administrator’s orders, and thanks to him each mission was a success.>>
The man stops in front of the gate of the structure: it is open.
Beyond is what looks like an entrance courtyard, which leads to the main door of the building.
There is no one around. The place seems abandoned… yet it is not; many lights are on.
The an advances.
<<Our goal was only one: to protect the white race. And we thought we had succeeded when the administrator closed the site. Before closing it he complimented each of us, filled us with money, and disappeared into thin air. He said we had won the war, and in doing so he showed us a video of an orphanage. Not a normal one though. A special orphanage. They are quite common now… but in the past these orphanages were kept secret. And you know why. You know what they do in there. What they do in here.>> says the man, who once entered the courtyard stops to look around; still no one in sight, so he proceeds <<As I told you, this is a factory. Here they create human beings. People without mom or dad. They raise them and then integrate them into society. You already know how it works. What you don’t know is the fact that it was our administrator who made them so… “normal”. You see… immigrants didn’t come here for no reason. They were necessary to combat the aging of the population, and for this reason they were allowed in. The administrator has proposed an alternative though. “Why take different people from the outside … when you can create similar people from the inside?”. That’s right, that was his plan. Replacing immigration with the artificial creation of human beings. This was the purpose of our attacks, to push the various governments to make the mass creation of people legal, and to use it as an alternative to immigration … And at first it seemed like a brilliant idea. The people created here are just as we want them to be: they are white, they are beautiful, they are strong, they are smart … the superior race, right?>>
The man enters the main building; the lights are on, but the silence is total.
There is no one here either, so the man keeps walking.
<<I did some research concerning these orphanages. They are private. They belong neither to us nor to the government. And the people who are created here are not actually …>> the man pauses briefly as he begins to look for the correct path to take <<wait a minute> he then says <<are you seeing? There is no one here. But the lights are on.>>
The man at this point begins to move more quickly.
He accesses different areas of the structure, analyzing them in a superficial way.
He visits what looks like a canteen, then what looks like school classrooms, and finally he also finds the road that leads to the inner garden … but he found no one.
Some lights are on though, and others are off; following those lit, the man finds himself in front of the staircase leading upstairs, where the children should sleep.
He runs up the stairs regardless of the noise he makes.
<<Maybe they are sleeping?>> he asks, but accessing the dorms he finds them empty <<Wait a minute … the beds are … So they weren’t… they weren’t here?>>
The man starts running; the structure is bigger than expected.
<<Where they are? I saw them before! I swear! They were here!>>
He still climbs the stairs only to find himself in an area with the doors all closed; he breaks through one with a kick, but beyond him he finds no one, only a little empty room.
Eventually the man’s run takes him in front of the orphanage director’s room. The door is open but… beyond it is dark. That’s not a normal darkness however, it is much deeper that the usual one, so dense that it seems solid.
The man approaches that door with caution; the other dark areas of the building were not so dark. This door, on the other hand, is disturbing, because it is as if the light could not pass through it, not even that of the corridor.
<<Tell me.>> is heard from a voice on the other side of the door, and this sudden sound scares the man so much that he not only screams but jumps back so quickly that he falls to the ground <<Tell me this. Is your blood white, blue or red?>>
<<What … what the fuck …?>> the man immediately gets back on his feet; he looks behind him, but seeing no one he focuses his attention on the black door <<Who’s there?>> he asks, pointing the gun at the door.
<<You know>> continues to speak the voice <<in the past the world was divided in a different way. It was always divided according to the colors, but not to those of the skin. Hair colors were used, and blood colors before that. The gods had a particular blood, a white blood that glows in the dark, just like the stars. The descendants of the gods, the nobles, had blue blood instead. And what about the mere mortals? Well … their is the red blood.>>
<<What are you talking about?>>
<<It almost seems that the colors are your enemies. If you saw the world in black and white you would start hating other humans based on who has the worst shade of gray. Because this is the way you are made.>> says the voice.
<<Ah, fuck it.>> the man at this point shoots; his rifle has a silencer, so his shots don’t make too much noise.
<<I know what you are thinking.>> he continues to speak the voice after a short pause; the shots of the rifle did not even change the way of speaking about him, nor the tone <<That you did what you did for the good of your race, and perhaps for the good of all humanity. After all, it was you whites who invented all the things that exist, right? If you were to disappear the world would fall into chaos. Without the white race there would be no more scientific and technological progress, right?>> the voice makes another short pause <<How boring you are … you always say the same things. The Romans said the same when the barbarians invaded their empire. And so the Egyptians said when the sea peoples landed on their shores. Each time it is a: “oh, what humanity will do without the indispensable greatness of my lineage” and bla bla bla. But I admit that they did not speak out of turn. The Egyptians created this world’s first true empire, and when the Romans looked north they only saw naked and blondy barbarians dancing inside those forests. It is normal that they thought they were special. Just as it is normal for you to think that you are special.>>
<<I stopped thinking like this!>> the man blurts out with anger.
<<But let me reveal you a secret. It is true! No, no that you are superior … it is true what your ideological oppones always said. You humans are all the same. You always say the same things, you always do the same things and you always behave the same way. You have different faces, different colors, different ideas and different stories… but in the end you are the exact same thing. And if placed in front of a crossroads … you always take the same direction.>>
<<What are you talking about?>>
<<Could it be the fault of the way your brain was designed? Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe there is something in your brain that prevents you from seeing the other way. I thought about it when I first set foot on that part of the internet… the one that deals with conspiracy theories. I have noticed that you are smart enough to know that something is wrong… but not smart enough to understand exactly what it is. It is as if you are able to hear a song without understanding the lyrics. As if you have a book in your hands that you cannot read. You see the drawing, but you don’t understand the shapes.>>
<<I do not … I do not follow you. Who are you? Come out from there!>>
<<I still remember that nonsense about microchips and vaccines. People said the government wanted to put hidden microchips in vaccines to monitor them day and night, and you know the funny thing about that? They said it using phones, without knowing that a cell phone does exactly what a chip would do … ten times better. So why bother with microchips when every single person already has a phone? Yet they didn’t think about it. It’s that simple, but they didn’t get there. They cared about the right thing, but they did it the wrong way. And then you came. Those who thought they were being replaced.>> the man seems to give a half smile <<How cute you were. You really thought the government wanted to control you through immigration. But I ask you a question. Do you really think any immigrant would have done what you did? Who would have risked so much in the name of such a vague cause? Not them. But you did it. And I didn’t even have to convince you! It was enough for me to mention the word “homeland” two or three times to make you move. An immigrant wouldn’t have been so obedient so easily, you know? So it would be quite stupid to replace you with someone who is not as controllable as you are. However, despite your stupidity, you understood what our intention was. As usual, you “see the drawing”. Yes. We wanted to replace you. We want to replace you. But replacing you with other humans would be useless, don’t you think? After all, you are all the same. Humans are equally worthless.>>
<<Listen, that’s enough now!>> the man exclaims, then fires more shots at the door and runs towards it with courage.
Arriving in front of the door, the light suddenly turns on, showing a very normal office: desk, bookcase, chairs … everything is normal.
But there is nobody inside.
<<W … what? >> the man turns but behind him the situation has not changed: the corridors of the building are still empty and silent <<What the fuck is going on here? Am I going crazy?>>
The man enters the office, and advancing on the desk he notices an audio recorder placed right on top of the table.
He wasn’t talking to anyone; the whole conversation was pre-recorded.
<<By now you will have understood what is happening. So lets me ask you that question again. You know, in the past it was blood that dictated who was superior and who was inferior. And you struggled so hard to go back to the past, to go back to the “good old days”. So I want to satisfy you. I will bring you back to that days, to that colorless world … but I warn you, that world is a little dark. You will need something really strong to shed some light, your phone’s flashlight won’t be enough. You’ll need something like the blood of the gods. So now answer the question … is your a white, a blue or a red blood?>> says the voice through the recorder, after which the device turns off.
The man stands still looking at it for a few seconds before turning nervously towards the exit of the office.
But the door has gone… black. Again.
Apparently the lights that were on until recently have all gone out. All of them, from the first to the last. Even the lights of the street lamps seem to have gone out, as well as the faint light produced by the starry sky.
Only in the office there is still light, but beyond the office door the darkness is total … is absolute.
Beyond the office door there is a colorless world.