The kid 1/5

Length: medium-short

The video appears to have been recorded with a semi-professional camera; the quality of the footages is very high, but it is clear that the video has not been edited in any way; colors and shots are anything but organized.
The video begins by showing what looks like a beach, and the one doing it is someone who appears to be on top of a boat.
<<Guys …>> says the young voice of a girl <<Do you see that? Do you have the faintest idea of where we are?>> the shot changes and now shows the face of a dark-haired girl <<I don’t know! Theoretically there should be nothing here! But let me explain. First of all… it’s true, I shouldn’t make videos now, I’m on vacation. But this vlog is a must. I am here with some friends and we were taking a boat ride when suddenly Mirco asks us to change course. We did it because he insisted a lot, so we moved away from the dock and the mainland. And then …>> the shot returns to show the beach <<we saw it! This island. I mean… I don’t know if it’s really an island, but I think so. The point is that there should be no land here. There is nothing marked on the nautical maps, and there is nothing in the navigator of the boat either. Unfortunately Internet does not work now, so for it is also impossible to do extra research.>> the shot returns to the girl’s face <<Stefano, Mirco and Silvia are out there. Now I go there too. I want to show you this place, because it is really absurd!>>
Having said that, the video shows us the path that the girl follows to get off the boat, which looks more like a small ship.
She joins her friends, who are on what appears to be on a small pier with a lighthouse.
<<Look!>> says the girl with an excited tone <<It’s all white here!>> and in fact the pier where she stands is made of white wood, as white as the lighthouse and the sand of the beach <<Incredible, right? It’s all so white that this place is blinding!>>
The video continues with the four guys walking on the pier leaving their boat behind.
The first thing they do is take a look at the lighthouse, but its entrance is closed and the building seems empty; there is not a living soul around.
<<Watch out guys>> says one of the guys once they get to the point where they have to put their feet on the sand <<it will be hot. Do you all have slippers?>>
At that point a girl bends down to touch the sand with her hands to test its temperature <<Oh my God!>> she then exclaims <<It’s not hot!>>
One of the boys fearfully places a foot on it, ready to withdraw it at the first hint of warmth, but this does not happen; the camera shifts to the face of the young man, who is laughing with disbelief.
<<Fuck.>> he says <<It is … very soft!>>
<<And isn’t it hot?>>
<<No, it is lukewarm, it has a perfect temperature! And it is super soft!>> said that he jumps on the sand laughing, starting rolling in it <<Guys! It doesn’t look like sand! What is this?>>
At that point everyone, including the girl who is making the video, dives into the sand. Everyone laughs at the contact with it, and they all seem pleasantly impressed by its consistency.
<<Do you know what it reminds me of?>> says the girl who is making the video <<Kinetic sand. You know the one they use of ASMR videos?>>
<<The one for the children?>> asks the other girl.
<<Exactly, that one.>>
<<Oh my God! It’s true!>> exclaims a boy <<It’s so cool!>>
<<But how is it possible? That sand is not natural.>>
<<No, it’s not. So it can’t be kinetic sand. They can’t have filled a whole beach with that stuff.>>
<<This looks like normal sand actully. But … I don’t know, it’s too soft, too cool to be just “normal”.>>
<<Yeah … it’s so strange…>>
The guys thus begin to play on the sand.
One of them approaches the sea, and touching the water calls the others telling them that even that is “strange”. Approaching him the others have the exact same reaction, and they begin to laugh and dive into the calm waters of the sea.
<<So guys>> the one holding the camera speaks after a while, talking to those who will see the video <<to make you understand better … this sand is very soft. But really… SUPER soft. It doesn’t seem like it at first glance, but it is. And it’s nice to touch it. Walking on it, crushing it with your hands… it’s nice. Satisfying. And the same goes for the water! It’s cold, but the coldness doesn’t bother you. I know, it’s strange. Strange but beautiful. And it’s hard to explain, you have to stay here to understand. This one doesn’t look like normal sea water, it’s … softer. Yes, even the sea water is soft. Weird, huh? I know you won’t understand, I wouldn’t understand either, but trust me, it’s just like I said! Swimming here feels like swimming in a cloud. In a super light and delicate water. It’s incredible.>>
Eventually the guys decide to venture beyond the beach, and after a climb they find themselves on what appears to be an endless plain.
In front of them there is only a floor covered with very low grass, a perfectly linear green desert devoid of anything; the sky is blue, the ground is green, and there is nothing else to see.
<<What the … fuck …?>>
<<We ended up in Heaven, guys?>> asks one of the boys in a joking tone.
<<It could be. Who knows, maybe we drowned in the sea and this is the Underworld.>>
<<Oh my God, I hope not.>>
<<Well it’s not that bad if you think about it.>>
<<But there’s nothing in here!>>
<<Yes but … feel the grass. The ground. Feel it!>> exclaims the boy who is talking, starting to jump <<It’s so soft it looks like a carpet.>>
<<Everything is “soft” here.>> says the girl holding the camera while advancing slowly inside the plain <<Even the air.>>
<<Uh? The air?>>
<<Have you noticed?>> she asks <<Since we are here no one has complained about the heat. Until recently we were dying though.>>
<<Oh my God, it’s true!>> exclaims the other girl looking up to the sky <<The sun is there … right there! But it’s not hitting us. Not too hard at least.>>
<<He is enlightening us without warming us up. That’s why the sand is so cold!>>
<<But how the fuck is this possible?>>
<<There must be some kind of invisible protection. A glass.>> says one of the boys <<If you notice, there is not even wind here.>> and then he points to the sea <<You see? The water is still … there are no waves.>>
<<This must be a closed place.>> continues that boy.
<<So cool!>> the other boy exclaims with visible emotion on his face.
<<Yes, cool, but there is nothing here unfortunately.>> is the comment of the other girl.
<<I actually think that this is an artificial island. I remember hearing about this kind of stuff on the internet. It is an island that moves on its own, completely artificial. But it is a private place. We shouldn’t be here. We should go back.>>
<<What if we go there instead?>> the excited boy points to the horizon.
<<There to do what? There is nothing.>>
<<Wait, don’t you see it?>>
<<That thing there.>>
<< What thing?>>
The guys move away from the beach and get a little closer to the area indicated by their friend, after which their eyes begin to see what is being indicated.
<<Oh my God, it’s true! There is something there!>>
<<It seems …>>
<<Can you zoom with the camera?>>
<<I’m doing it, but it doesn’t help much.>>
<<We have to get closer to see it better.>>
<<Do we really have to?>>
<<Why not?>>
<< Because we shouldn’t even be here in the first place.>>
<<He’s right. We should go back. There isn’t even internet here.>>
<<Yes, come on, let’s get back to the ship. We now know where this place is. So for now let’s go back, I’m hungry, and if we really want to, we’ll come back here later. Okay?>>
<<No, I won’t come here at night!>> exclaims the boy <<Tomorrow at most. If we really have to.>>
<<Yes, tomorrow is better. Early in the morning. We can also bring the others, what do you think?>>
<<Yes! We will have a giga hike all together! We will be like explorers discovering the new world!>>
<<Not bad as idea.>>
<<But what if tomorrow the island is no longer here? You said it moves by itself, right?>>
<<Yes, but it is too big to disappear within a day. It doesn’t have motors or anything like that. It just floats, that’s why it moves… but it does it slowly.>>
<<Okay, that’s fine. Let’s go back, call the others and… you are making the video since we were on the boat, right?>>
<<Perfect. If the island disappears we will have the video as a proof. We can also upload it on your channel. Even without editing. What do you say?>>
<<It could be done, but … if it really is a place where we should not be, maybe it is better to not upload this video. Someone could make a fuss for it.>>
<<Guys, come on, let’s go back. Being here is making me anxious now. This place is too … open. We talk about it later, okay?>> says the other girl interrupting the discussion.
<<Okay, let’s go. Let’s go back to the boat.>>
The boys begin their descent, but in doing so they notice that one of them has remained above: he is looking at the tiny dot on the horizon.
<<Mirco?>> calls the girl who is recording the video.
<<Yes … I’m coming.>> he says <<It’s just that … I think we should go there immediately. It is a presentiment.>>
<<You are crazy.>>
<< I don’t know, I have this feeling.>>
<<One more reason not to go there!>> says the other boy just before grabbing him by the waist and pulling him down; laughing, screaming and fighting, the two friends roll on the sand back towards the sea.