The kid 3/5

Length: short

When the video resumes, the situation has changed. Drastically.
The brightness is very low and Giulia’s voice is clearly tense; you can hear the soft cries of a girl, and the delicate voice of Mirco trying to console her friend.
<<Hey guys>> Giulia speaks to the camera with a low voice <<it’s night. And no, Stefano didn’t solve the problem. We still haven’t been able to move the ship. Given the situation we wanted to spend the night on the beach to see the stars but … >> the shot changes and moves towards a window <<see? Maybe you can’t see well from here, so I’ll take you out for a moment …>>
<<Hey, where are you going?>>
<<Don’t worry, I will be back soon. >>
<<No, no! What the fuck are you doing?>>
<<Chill. I go out just for a second. There is no one out there anyway.>>
<<And how do you know?>>
<<If anyone were out there they would already have seen us.>>
Having said that, Giulia leaves the command bridge of the ship and once outside she shows something disconcerting.
<<See now?>> she asks <<Strange is it? It feels like being inside a box, right? You can’t see anything! What do you think I’m recording now?>> she asks while the screen is totally black <<Here there should be the beach. While here … the sky. And here is the sea. Do you hear it? No, right? Because there is no wind and the water does not move. It seems to be in space, suspended in absolute nothingness.>>
Giulia is right. In the video nothing is visible. It is so dark that the displacement of the camera is barely noticeable.
<<Only our boat is visible.>> Giulia adds, returning to frame herself <<But only because the light still works in this ship. But it seems that everything else has disappeared.>>
<<Giulia, come now. >> Stefano tells her at this point, and she sigh.
Once back inside the small command bridge, Giulia frames the other girl in the group and Mirco, who is embracing her; the boy makes an expression clearly annoyed at seeing the camera however, so the frame moves immediately away from them.
<<Come on …>> he says.
<<She is scared.>>
<<I am too.>>
<<Then stop playing with that thing. There is not a shit to see anyway.>>
At this point Giulia sits back in her place and goes back to looking at the camera lens.
<<Well … this is the situation.>> she says <<And Mirco is right. There is nothing to see here. There are no stars, there is no moon … It’s all dark. Maybe Stefano was right. Maybe this is a ghost island and now it has disappeared … who knows.>>
<<Guys, tomorrow morning at dawn we will leave.>> Stefano announces aloud suddenly <<We will use the lifeboats.>>
<<Are you serious?>> Mirco replies immediately.
<<Do you have better ideas?>>
<<Yes. Fix your fucking boat, which you should have done already.>>
<<Well, I can’t. So we will use the lifeboats, as the mainland is not far away.>>
<<And who tells us that the lifeboats will not stop halfway?>>
<<If that happens we will use the oars. Not a problem.>>
<<But I don’t want to row!>>
<<Then you will swim.>>
<<Oh God … they are starting again.>> Giulia speaks to the camera <<Don’t worry, they are not serious. They always argue like this. Anyway… this is the situation. And it’s a bad situation. Silvia is afraid of the dark, and there is plenty out there. This is why she is crying. She saying she hears voices in the dark. Yells. Chains. Steps. She is traumatized.>> the girl sighs <<Anyway, I’m tired. I’m going to sleep. Good night.>>