The kid 2/5

Length: short

The video resumes inside the boat.
The boys seem a little agitated now, but we can’t see who’s talking.
<<Come on Stefano!>>
<<What the fuck do you want from me? It’s not my fault! >>
<<I knew you had to turn this thing off before going down.>>
<<What the fuck are you saying? Have you ever been up here? Have you ever driven it?>>
<<No, but I know that if you leave things on ->>
<<Shut up, is better!>>
<<Guys, calm down. Nothing serious happened. It must been just a system malfunction.>>
<<Good. And now who fixes it?>>
<<I don’t know, try to call ->>
<<There is no line! We can’t call anyone! The radio doesn’t work either!>>
At this point the camera moves until we can see the face of the girl to whom the camera belongs; she’s a little tense, but not too much; she looks at the camera lens and raise her eyes up.
<<They are arguing.>> she says <<Apparently Stefano has left the boat on and now the battery has run out. >> he explains <<From what I know this boat is a brand new model, one of those that can drive by itself. It is fully automatic, so there is the possibility that the problem is only digital. Maybe the computer had a … Hey GUYS! CALM DOWN! Keep calm. There is no need to scream.>>
<<He’s the one who pisses me off.>>
<<Oh, me?>>
<<Yes. You and your bullshit.>>
<<Okay, fuck it. You fix this shit. I’m going to take a bath.>>
<<I’m going with him. I’m not helpful here anyway.>>
Apparently only the cameraman and the boy named Stefano remain on the boat, who seems to be the owner of the ship; the cameraman approaches him framing the ship’s control panel, which is on.
<<So …?>> she asks.
Stefano sighs nervously <<So what?>>
<<Shall we go?>>
<<Where?>> he exclaims with frustration.
<<To take a bath. Standing here and looking at those screen won’t change anything.>>
He lets out a loud sigh <<I have to understand what happened. The control panel is still on. The engine is running. Everything is working. But – >>
<<The ship doesn’t want to move.>>
<<Exactly, and I don’t know why.>>
<<Maybe I’ll say a stupid thing but … how about turning it off and on again?>>
Stefano snorts with annoyance, but in the end an amused smile escapes from him <<Yes Giulia, this is a stupid thing to say.>> he comments <<Anyway it doesn’t even want to turn off, so …>>
<<So it’s stuck. Completely. >>
<<Yeah. He no longer responds to my commands.>>
At this point Giulia takes the camera to a window where it is possible to see Mirco and the other girl swimming in the sea.
<<Those two are having fun without us.>>
<<Let them. I … I have to fix this. I don’t want to stay here for too long.>>
<<But it’s beautiful here.>>
<<Giulia …>> Stefano seems to have a very worried tone of voice <<this place … this island …>>
<<I know. It is private.>>
<<Well, if the owner catches us we will just tell him that we ended up here by chance. I also have a video that proves it. Why do you worry so much?>>
<<I’m afraid that this is the ghost island.>>
<<The ghost island?>>
<<Yes … the one where people disappear.>>
Giulia starts laughing <<Really? Is that why you are so worried?>>
<<Yes.>> he admits.
<<Oh, come on … never heard of a “ghost island”.>>
<<Because you never sail. And I’m also hungry, so … >>
<<Got it. Don’t stress too much though. Let’s relax a little. This place is magical, it would be a shame to leave like this. … later we’ll try to solve the problem, okay? It’s all on afterall, so probably the ship’s computer just froze for a moment… wait a little and maybe everything will start working again.>>
Having said that, the two exchange a kiss, after which Giulia stops recording.