The kid 4/5

Length: short

When the video restarts there is no greetings.
The camera is immediately pointed towards the beach, especially towards a distant figure who seems to be advancing slowly.
<<Zoom in again.>> Stefano says.
<<This is the best I can do.>> Giulia replies.
<<It’s not Mirco!>> Silvia’s voice says, clearly immersed in panic <<It’s not … it’s not him …>>
<<Calm down, calm down. >> says Stefano trying to reassure her <<He is approaching us. Maybe he knows where Mirco is.>>
<<But who is him?>> Silvia asks at this point.
<<I do not know, but it he’s short. >> Giulia says with a nervous voice <<So it’s certainly not Mirco.>>
The camera is left in place while the guys decide to walk away.
The figure gets closer and closer to the dock in the meantime.
After several minutes Giulia goes back to take the camera.
<<Guys …>> she says with a clearly worried voice <<I don’t know what’s happening. I swear this is not a joke. Mirco has disappeared. When we woke up he wasn’t here. We have been waiting for him all morning but he has not returned. And now … there is this dude coming …>> while speaking Giulia rushes down to the pier, and once on the ground she points the camera at the approaching figure; it is so close now that it is possible to notice that it has something in its hand, perhaps a bag. Or a ball.
<<Giulia … turn off the camera.>> Stefano tells her.
<<I already told you, this is a private island. If they find out we’re making recordings they cou ->>
Silvia’s scream of pure terror interrupts their discussion.
<<What the hec – … Oh my God!>>
The camera falls from Giulia’s hands risking falling into the water; in the meantime the guys, amidst screams and curses, seem to rush back to the ship; since the camera is facing the open sea it is not possible to understand what it is that scared them so much.
Time passes.
The video begins to vibrate slightly in a rhythmic way, a symptom of the fact that the person sighted before has finally come close enough to shake the ground.
After a while, that person’s footsteps become audible; it moves slowly without ever stopping or slowing down, but it stops right in front of the camera; it’s impossible to see the person from this angle.
Something is placed on the ground, something heavy, after which the camera is picked up and raised, rotated upwards and then downwards.
<<Oh … that’s what it is. Cool. >> says a childish voice; the camera is now rotated until it captures the face of a kid.
Judging by the youth of the face, he looks like a child ranging from 8 to 12 years old, male, white skin, auburn hair and light gray eyes.
<<Hi.>> he says, turning to the camera <<I speak to the person who will one day watch this video. I do not know who you are. But I want you to see something.>>
Having said that, he shifts the camera so that it can record his left arm, an arm that has an unusual amount of highly defined muscles.
<<BOOM!>> the kid says, flexing his arm and pumping up a bicep of unexpected thickness; after turning the arm a couple of times the kid lowers the camera to the chest showing equally exceptional pectorals, and then on the abdomen showing his outstanding refined abs.
The kid appears to be totally naked. And while the camera goes down to show the incredibly trained muscles of the legs, it can be seen one thing: there is an evident, albeit elusive, lack on the abdomen.
This kid has no navel.
After showing his legs the child goes back to frame his face<<I bet you liked it.>> he says, then moves the camera away from him to try to register his entire body completely; judging from his look it seems that he is enjoying the spectacle that he himself is giving.
Thanks to his movements it is also possible to understand why the other guys started screaming and running away.
At the kid’s feet there is the object he was holding in his hand when he was approaching. It is not a bag though. Not a ball either.
It is Mirco’s head.