Predator 7/7

Length: short

Brief and last summary of the OgIT experimental subject.
This year the creature spent most of his time outside the laboratory. The first few months we left him again in the woods and forests, this time well equipped and dressed. The creature was happy to be away from us, and during the excursion he also destroyed our drones whenever he could.
He brought with him a notebook with various pens and pencils, he used it to draw the animals he met.
We have seen him study and draw birds, especially birds of prey, and he often climbed trees just to see them better and closer.
As well as some of his favorite raptors, he too has started hunting mainly at night, although the largest prey roam during the day. So during the night he was hunting for food, while when it was sunny he spent his time drawing or having fun with his insects and other animals.
One day he lost his pens, and this event allowed us to discover something else about his personal insects: after the pens were lost, the insects born later did so with a sting that instead of emitting poison had the ability to produce and emitting ink. Little quantity of ink, but still ink.
Really curious.
He spent six months in those wild and wooded environments, but when we went to get him he first tried to escape, then he threatened to hurt our co-workers who were forced to sedate him for the first time since he was born.
This was obviously a bad thing. His body adapted immediately to the sedative, which means that in the future it will no longer be possible to neutralize him in that way.
Having understood this we have really begun to be afraid. If that creature had been released again he would not have voluntarily returned to us. He would have run away. And we wouldn’t have had non-lethal methods to stop it. In a nutshell, we had lost him, and the more this situation advance the more complicated this situation will become because if now we have the possibility of capturing him with a small deployment of forces, in the future he will become bigger and stronger, more and more difficult to contain and therefore increasingly difficult to control using brute force.
So I decided to ask the company for help, we couldn’t continue like this. In three years there will be the delivery and the creature is in an unstable and uncontrollable state of mind.
Upon returning from that hike we did manage to notice some changes however.
First change, his bugs became hostile towards us.
Second change, at night they tend to glow slightly, just like fireflies. Unfortunately we can no longer take them and analyze them closely, the creature does not leave us the possibility to do so and we do not want to irritate him when it’s not strictly necessary to do so.
Third change, the creature eats less than usual.
His weight is double compared to what a sapiens of his age and with his constitution should have, but it is a weight due solely to the material with which his muscles are made because at sight he appears really thin, almost skeletal.
Fortunately the company’s help arrived and the Ambassador herself showed up.
She observed the creature and after a brief inspection she decided to leave him “free”. She said his custody would be taken from us due to our bad work.
She organized everything. We pretended to take the creature on a new hike, after which we faked an accident. The creature took the bait and fled.
He is not really free in fact, because we let him escape on an island belonging to the company, so he is still perfectly contained and kept under observation. That island is out of our control however, so our work ends here.
What a disaster.
Losing his custody and the trust of the company is a severe blow for us. My laboratory will be punished for this, I’m sure. I expect a cut in funds as early as next year.