New moon 1/3

Length: short

The subject whose memories I am analyzing is called Samuel. At the moment that I am seeing him he is walking towards a library. According to the data we have collected on him, he is an avid reader. He reads a lot, especially books considered useful for personal development.
He’s not heading to the library for that reason though. He already has all the books he is interested in at home, and many others he has downloaded are in his phone.
He is a high school student right now, but that’s not the reason why he went to the library either. According to our data, the reason is to be found in dreams.
Samuel has been dreaming of the same thing for months. A bright city, his city, and he who wakes up, gets out of bed, and runs to a library. Not a random library though, it’s always the same.
Inside the library, Samuel dreams of heading to a specific spot, and there he dreams of picking up a book just to returning home to read it. And it is always the same book.
Once he opens the book, the dream ends.
The problem with these apparently harmless dreams is that in addition to being repetitive (he made them every single night) they also have disturbing sides. One day Samuel went camping, and he dreamed not of getting up from his house, but of getting up from the campsite. Running from the campsite to the library was a colossal challenge for him, and when he really woke up his legs were shattered… as if he had been running for hours the day before, when in fact he hadn’t put too much effort.
Another day Samuel slept at a friend’s house, and obviously dreamed of getting up in that house. The strange thing? As he left the house he saw the inside of a room that he had never seen before, and when Samuel woke up he actually found that it was the friend parent’s room (which is why the door was always closed when he went to his friend’s home) and opening it he noticed that the interior was just as he had dreamed it. He hadn’t missed a single detail.
The boy was initially scared. He thought about asking someone for help, but he wasn’t sure who. So the first thing he did was search the internet for help, stumbling upon sites that talked about sleep paralysis and out-of-body experiences that were not very credible.
Those sites didn’t help him at all. Indeed, the more he sailed there, the more he ran into places he didn’t want to, places inhabited by various conspiracy theorists, by people who believe in alien abductions and demonic possessions. It was clear that the internet wasn’t going to help him much.
That evening, however, he had a different dream than usual. Samuel got up, but instead of running into the library he sat down in front of his computer to do some research. The strange thing about that dream? Every single search gave the same result: “I’m shy, don’t talk about me, or I’ll run away”.
At that point Samuel really thought he was possessed or something. He talked about it with his parents, who were unconvinced but still worried and told him to be seen first by a priest and then by a doctor.
That night the dream had changed again. Samuel gets out of bed, goes into the kitchen where his parents were, who turning their backs on him and not looking at his face said:
<<He is shy. Maybe it’s better if we cancel the appointments. Or he will go away… and you will never see him again. You two have a date. But, if you talk about him again, he’ll be offended and won’t show up. This is the last warning.>>
Upon awakening, Samuel was short of breath. He was afraid. But he was also curious.
He couldn’t be a demon since the threat was: “I’m leaving”. The demons don’t want to leave, they want to stay… so it wasn’t a demon, or at least that’s what Samuel thought.
So now I’m seeing him walking towards the library.
He’s canceled his appointments, and joined by some friends he’s going to see who or what gave him an appointment in that library.