White room 9/9

Length: short

Since I installed myself in his body, in addition to synaesthesia, total muscle control and faster cellular communication I have also restructured his internal organs, and repaired the excessively damaged parts of the genetic code.
One day, looking closely in the mirror, my guest finally realized the level of definition that his body had reached without too much physical effort, and since then he started asking questions after questions.
He doesn’t remember what happened. When he woke up only three things remained in his mind: the total synaesthesia and the effects of him, the black woman in the white room, and… the chest. He has something in his chest, at heart level.
He started doing a lot of research on synaesthesia, but initially he didn’t get satisfactory answers.
Searching on the internet, however, attracted the attention of a very special world-famous medical company. A multi-billion dollar company that also operates in this country. Alessio does not know when or how he attracted their attention, he has always kept a low profile.
He was called by them, and the person he spoke to on the phone was kind, polite, and he invited him to work for them.
Alessio is distrustful. He hasn’t even finished his studies, and he’s not doing medicine but nursing, so he doesn’t understand why that company had to contact him. But he accepted the invitation.
He has the feeling that with the help of this technologically advanced company in the medical sector he will receive an answer to his questions.