New moon 2/3

Length: short

The library is nothing special. There are also a lot of people inside, so it is a relatively “safe” place. Samuel does what he has to do without too much difficulty: following the same steps he does in the dream, he reaches the library dedicated to all the books that begin with the letter R.
He finds it curious. The libraries he knows are divided into topics, this one in letters instead.
He goes inside. Besides him and his friends, who don’t know why they’re there (Samuel didn’t tell him about the dreams), there are a couple of other adults. The lights are pretty bright, and there are windows in good view: nothing dangerous.
Samuel reaches the point where in the dream he took the red book… and finds it. A pocket and red booklet. It has no title, and opening it he notices that there are no writings. It’s empty.
In the dream he puts it in his pocket and leaves, but this is not a dream. He can’t just take it away, so he goes to the librarian to ask if the book could be borrowed.
Here he discovers that the book does not actually belong to the library, it is not registered, it is empty, it does not have a name … and so, after a while of waiting, Samuel was given the green light to take it with him. It looked like a simple notebook after all, perhaps lost by someone.
Leaving the library, his friends proposed to go to places a little more fun than that now that Samuel had finished what he had to do. The boy, however, felt his pocket heavy as if he had a grenade instead of that booklet, so he refuses and says he has to run home.
And he does so. After all, Samuel only reads the book when he gets home, not before. Maybe that’s why the booklet is empty.
On the way back, Samuel is terrified though. The cover is red, a dark red like blood. Could it be a demonic book? It would make sense. The color is that. The effects as well. He doesn’t believe in that nonsense but after months of constant and strange dreams his level of skepticism is very low.
He also wonders if he’s doing the right thing. He does not want to take home a possible source of suffering for his family. He’s seen too many horror movies to understand how those things turn out.
He wonders if he should give the book to a priest or something. Would that make sense? The priest would probably take him for mad. What if he throws the book in a garbage can? What if he burns it? What would happen? What dreams would he have?
He’s afraid now.
Eventually, he returns home. He locks himself in his room. He turns on the lights and opens the windows well, he absolutely doesn’t want to be alone and in the dark with a possible possessed book, and then, even though his heart is beating fast, he takes it out of his pocket.
As he suspected it has changed.
Now the book has a title.
“Red Moon”.