IgIT 2/4

Reading time: very short

Informal report of the first years of life of the IgIT subject.

The little (non) sapiens enjoys excellent physical health. The medical exams are perfect and in these first five years he hasn’t gotten sick even once. His body reacts very well to external aggressions, in fact we discovered that not even poisons bother him.

His nutrition is perfectly balanced. The dietician we provided to his parents works on the OgIT subject, so he knew very well how to organize his diet. We noticed a small problem here, unfortunately: the subject is very hungry but never manages to satiate his apetite completely. He often eats things in secret.

The subject’s learning speed is remarkably fast. Even the speed of his thoughts enormously exceeds the average of his peers, there is the possibility that he will even exceed the calculation speed of computers.

His body is exactly as we designed it. For now he is responsive, quick in movement and very athletic. The subject uses it with surgical precision, never makes superfluous movements and every movement is mechanically perfect. He moves like a computer. Like a robot.

Aesthetically speaking, the subject came out just as requested by the parents and now the company is using it as a model. We suspect he doesn’t like it very much though. 

Characteristically we note that the subject tends to make friends almost immediately and when he is in the presence of peers he always ends up being the center of their attention. It is not only his beauty that makes others orbit around him, the subject seems to enjoy a high level of empathy, in fact he always knows what others want and uses this information to make friends with them. 

Apart from these small details, I have nothing else to write down.