IgIT 1/4

Reading time: very short

Informal report of the first year of life of the IgIT subject.

The subject delivered to us by the company was born successfully and without problems. The newborn is perfectly healthy, and is destined to become as beautiful as he is physically strong and mentally sublime.

From what I know the characteristics of the subject were chosen by the parents. The mother decided the color of the hair, the father that of the eyes; height and constitution were decided by us on the basis of current beauty standards, while sex was left to fate, which chose to have him born male.

His first days of life were very easy to manage. The parents were obedient and followed our directions, so we had the opportunity to follow his every move without too much trouble.

We have not carried out any type of operation on him because for now he seems to be a common baby without any particularities. After the first month of life we allowed the parents to take him home, although we kept him under constant monitoring.

I conclude this year without reporting any problems.