IgIT 3/4

Reading time: very short

Informal report of the childhood of the IgIT experimental subject.

There aren’t very important things to write down, fortunately.

We have noticed that the little (non) sapiens often plays football. His skill is unattainable by any peer, but he doesn’t seem to want to exploit it: he often lets other children win.

We have noticed some small changes in his character over the years, but we consider them normal considering that he is a growing sapiens puppy. He always tends to be very friendly and outgoing, but now he avoids being the center of attention perpetually, we often see him trying to make other people appear as “cool” as he is, and he seems quite happy when he can.

He never disdains anything or anyone and tends to make friends with anyone, both with the more “problematic” and aggressive sapiens and with the more timid and silent ones, and he gets along very well even with adults. He strangely doesn’t seem to be making friends to be able to stay with them though. He talks to someone until he is satisfied, then changes the person. It is as if he is not really interested in their friendship, in fact we often see him walking around alone.

The only person he seems interested in is his older sister, but she ignores him most of the time.

In addition to this, it must be said that the subject has become quite curious over time. Hidden cameras in his house caught him trying to eavesdrop on some conversations between his parents, and he often sneaks through the walls of the house looking for… whatever. Every object that comes into his hands fascinates and interests him, even the most useless ones.

His curiosity has led him to explore much of the neighborhood he lives in on foot, and lately he is also approaching sports such as calisthenics and parkour for the simple fact that they allow him an easier exploration of the environment in which he lives. 

Other than that we have not noticed anything else of importance. The dietician even told us that his hunger problems have magically disappeared.