From the Sky 5/5

Reading time: short

The egg is hungry, but the meat no longer enters from the outside. I tried to follow the loads, but I couldn’t find the exit. I don’t know where it went. It must have escaped. The egg told me that he saw it, but he doesn’t remember where. I asked the scholars to figure out where it went, and they established a mathematical formula to find it. Now we are trying to apply it, but to do it we have to write it on the floor. We need some ink, but the egg has eaten it all. We have to use blood for the writing.

I asked the security officers to capture the exit. We have completed the formula, we know where it is now! It is located in the basement, hidden somewhere down there. The search lasted a long time, and it was very difficult. It was all dark down there, the light was off and the torches weren’t going on. Unfortunately, we didn’t find it. We went back upstairs, and we were all tired and disappointed. As a punishment, the agents raped the scholars … they done so because they thought that the scholars give them the wrong formula on purpose. They beat them hard, then filled them with sperm. They put them in the egg room and closed the doors. When they reopened the scholars were gone. The egg is still hungry though. He’s crying. I feel it from here. He has to eat again or he’ll keep crying and won’t make me sleep. Oh God … where can i find more food now that the scholars are gone?

The technicians have understood where the exit is hidden. To achieve it, they created a particular machine. I don’t know what they called it, but it is a machine that needs all the energy of the building to work. When they plugged it in, it blew up. Now there are only the hazard lights on. The technicians were punished by the security officers for this failure. I heard their screams as they were beaten and sodomized. I masturbated while watching the violence of the rape. It was a beautiful show, even the egg liked it, and the technicians too were smiling … they were happy to be punished by stronger mans. After that they were eaten.

Security officers are tall and muscular now. Very muscular. I didn’t remember them being so athletic. So young. So beautiful. They look like angels. Women… men… I no longer distinguish them. They are all giants, celestial and superior creatures in every respect. Male genitals are so massive that I probably wouldn’t be able to have them in my body, and women’s breasts are so large I could sleep in it. I couldn’t resist anymore and ordered them to rape me today, I wanted to belong to each of them. But they said I don’t give the orders anymore, that I’m no longer the boss. I was not worthy of being abused by them. That was a privilege that belonged only to those who found a way out. Those words hurt me so much that I locked myself in my office, crying. I’m still crying to be honest. I am not worthy of them. Why? I want to be raped and eaten like the others! Why can’t I? Because I have to find the exit, that’s why! If I find it … if I find it I will be punished! I have to find it. Where is this damn exit? 

Where am I? Where are the security officers? I am looking for them everywhere. The laboratory is empty! I no longer hear their laughter, their footsteps … I no longer hear anything! Absolute silence. The hazard lights are dim, they are going out. I have to reach the egg! He stopped talking. He too is silent. Has something happened to him? I’m running. I have to see him. I’m almost there. I am in front of the room number five. The egg is in there, but the door is closed. Why do I see light coming out the door? I thought the power was completely out. Whose are these voices that I hear inside? I try to open the door. It is sealed. I have to go in, the voices are multiplying and I have to make sure the egg is fine. But how can I do it? I have to turn the power back on. But how?

It’s all dark now, the emergency lights have gone out completely. There is something in the distance though. I see a white writing on a green panel. “Exit”. I found it! Then the scholars were right. It was right here, hidden in the dark! To see it I just had to do what the technicians did, turn off the lights! And now that it’s all dark … I can see it.