From the Sky 4/5

Reading time: very short

We fed the egg again. Or at least we believe we have. Scholars are arguing anyway. They offend each other and to determine who among them is the most intelligent they performed in a stupid oral competition. I don’t understand … they look like children. Should I call the company and report this behavior? Maybe I should just silence them and force them to do their job. I’m the boss here. They have to work or they will be punished.

Today I was hungry and I ordered some food. I realized that I haven’t been out of here for a long time and so I thought that maybe taking a walk outside would not be bad. But outside it is full of soldiers and police officers. They won’t let me go home. They communicate with me from a distance, through loudspeakers. But why? I called the company for an explanation, but it was a foreign man who spoke to me. I didn’t understand a single word of what he was saying. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Today the security officers held a wrestling tournament to figure out which of them is the strongest. It was fun. The tournament lasted a long time, and it made us relax a bit. The only problem is that many officers are now exhausted and injured. Some of them want to go home for rest a bit. I contacted the company again, but a foreign person answered again. What a nuisance. Maybe I’m getting the wrong number. Now I try again.

The computer does not want to connect to the internet. We have line problems. Could something be broken? I asked the technicians to check, and they said the connection disappeared. Without the internet how can I communicate with the company? I have to use the phone, but foreigners keep answering me. I also tried to go out … but I don’t remember where the exit is. Maybe I just need to get some sleep.

The egg eats too much. From the outside less and less meat is entering for him. We explained to him that we don’t decide how much food to give him, but he got angry. To punish us he told us that he would eat our clothes. We are now completely naked. I can’t get out of here naked! How can I ask for new clothes? The company stopped answering the phone. And now that I think about it … if the meat enters, it means that it does so from the entrance! So, following the loads of meat, maybe I can find the way out. But I can’t get out of here naked. I first need to find some clothes.