From the Sky 3/5

Reading time: very short

We had to ask the company for help again, which told us how to act. Apparently we had to balance the pressure in the room, as it had emptied completely. When the door reopened we found only one thing inside: the egg. The plants, the flesh, the air itself … it was all gone. However, the egg has not changed. It is exactly how we left it.

We are having problems in analyzing the egg tissues. Our machines are not working well. We were forced to send some samples directly to the company, hoping that some other lab could help us. Unfortunately we are having more problems than expected. Our technicians complain that the language settings of their computers change all the time… and I don’t understand why our microscope lenses are constantly fogged up. Yet we are constantly cleaning them!

The egg has changed frequency. Our scholars are now certain that he is trying to communicate something important, but I have no idea how to answer it. Is it possible to translate those pulsations into our language? Does the egg understand us? We do not know. What we do know for now is that it pulsates very quickly when our agents get too close.

I just noticed that the old recordings have been deleted by someone. When the egg arrived in the laboratory we filmed it, yet those tapes were eliminated. I can’t find them in the archives. While checking I also noticed a strange thing: all our equipments are numbered, for example the cameras placed in the first room of the organic section of the laboratory all have the code A followed by a number. That number has changed though, and I do not understand why. All cameras and microphones have a different code number now.

I am having trouble using my computer. It is much slower than expected. It doesn’t save documents, it deletes important files, and changes system language all the time… I have the same problems as my technicians now. I called the company and they told me they will send out new equipment tomorrow. But they said the exact same thing a week ago. Are they joking with us?