From the Sky 2/5

Reading time: very short

Our scholars have confirmed their theories. When our agents are around the egg begins to throb, but when it is alone in the room it remains stationary and immobile. The pulsations are therefore a form of communication.

We are carefully examining the surface of this egg. It is soft and flexible, easy to manipulate and penetrate. We took some samples. We are also doing tests on the gases released by the organic compound, and apparently it is cellular respiration mixed with a strange form of photosynthesis: it absorbs oxygen and releases carbon dioxide on the one hand … and does the exact opposite on the other.

We are assuming that the weight of the egg depends on its content. If what the company told us is true there should be living creatures inside. Could it be that they weigh so much? We can’t open the egg unluckily , or those creatures risk getting damaged.

We don’t know how to feed the egg. There don’t seem to be any openings on its surface so we asked the company for help, which told us to do some … strange things. We filled the room with fresh meat and disabled all monitoring systems. Now we just have to wait for five minutes.

The door to the room no longer opens. The cameras do not turn on again, as well as the microphones. The signal was lost. We don’t know what’s going on.