From the Sky 1/5

Reading time: very short

As expected, they fell. The whole world has witnessed the asteroid rain. They crashed exactly where we were told, and at this moment the government has authorized us to activate the recovery team. In a few hours they will arrive in the laboratory.

The recovered material has a considerable size. 2.5m tall and wide, 250kg in weight, oval shape, black to dark brown in color and it’s… alive. It looks like a large, throbbing rotten egg, a heart made up of mud and dirt. The pulsations produce a particular, rhythmic sound, but they are not constant. Our technicians speculates that “the egg” is somehow intelligent and is trying to communicate through them. I was informed that this was not the only egg, there were four other eggs with it, but they were much smaller and lighter. They will probably be handed over to the company.

We placed the egg in the room number five. We are bringing all the equipment necessary for its study and containment there. Judging from the first observations it seems to breathe, since it absorbs the surrounding air and then expels it in the form of gas. For now our agents and operators are wearing gas masks for safety. It is possible that that gas is harmful.

The room was semi-sealed. As per standard procedure we have placed plants inside it to produce oxygen, so as not to have to connect it to any aeration system. The room can only be accessed from the front door now. From there the gas should not escape.

The company told us what will happen and what should happen. But it didn’t give us any kind of detail, and a lot of the information is vague and confusing. But apparently what we have to do is “feed” the egg. Now we just have to find out how. It will provide us with all the necessary help anyway. I’m just worried that all members of the laboratory have been asked not to leave the building for a few months. They say it’s for security reasons. The pay has been doubled to us though, so I’m not complaining.