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Durata lettura: molto corta

Axel entered the room with a cage for cats in his hand, and without too many fuss he caught me (I tried to escape) and put me inside it.
As offensive as this thing may be, I didn’t put up a lot of resistance. I already knew it would end like this, I had noticed the purchase a short time ago and I had heard Axel and his mother talk about it.
I just hope I don’t get bored to death in here.
I see him getting dressed up, and with him there is also his cousin who is already beautifully dressed. The girl is advising him what to wear, even though most of her attention is being stolen from her phone.
They have breakfast in the kitchen, and once they are ready they retrieve their backpacks, suitcases and me.
There are greetings, kisses and hugs, and once they leave the house they see a large automatic car with the same color as ivory waiting for them.
They jump in, and realize that it is one of the new cars without a steering wheel, designed to carry four to six people without anyone having to drive.
There are only two people on board however, who occupy the luxurious space as they see fit.
<<Welcome to a transport vehicle from Divine Tech Company! Put on your seat belts, the journey will last five hours.>> says a robotic voice <<You can request a stop whenever you want! Just press the red button you see above you.>>
<<Cool.>> I hear from Axel; unfortunately from here I can’t see much.
<<Where are we headed?>> Sofia asks with a cheerful voice.
<<To the DSC H28.>>
<<H28?>> Axel asks.
<<It’s the name of the study center.>> Sofia explains.
<<The DSC H28 was created in an artificial island of the Mediterranean Sea by the Divine Tech Company, and offers all its guests the highest level of luxury available!>> says the voice <<So fasten your seatbelts and make yourself comfortable. We’re leaving!>>