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Durata lettura: corta

I’ve never seen Axel be more serene than this.
He has headphones on and is listening to his favorite music, with his feet resting on the desk and his hands behind his head; his ex girlfriend is on her bed, asleep but also very satisfied after the hot afternoon they spent; the room is surreally tidy, so clean and well arranged that it looks like the typical fake image seen in advertisements; the house is immersed in total silence, the parents are out and every corner has been perfectly cleaned and arranged by the boy.
Since he took and passed the exam many things have changed, even if some are almost imperceptible to a human.
The first thing I noticed is the fact that he always knows where I am. He no longer needs to look for me, he always knows where to find me, and somehow he manages to perceive my presence even when I am not soliciting any of his senses. It’s like he has one more now.
He also got a lot neater. The mess and dirt have started to bother him a lot since he took the exam, so much so that he is in charge of cleaning the house now, since the mother doesn’t do it well enough for his standards.
Cleaning does not bore him or annoy him anymore, and the same goes for studying. Not knowing if the exam was successful or not he continued to go to school, and every time he came home I saw him do his assigned homework diligently and within half an hour at most, before devoting himself to something else.
Even physically it has changed. He’s a tall, thin guy, but his athleticism level has literally exploded lately. Following him around the city I saw him dominate the football pitches where he plays with his friends without the slightest effort, plus he is going to the gym much more often, and he also seems to have changed his diet much to the surprise of his parents since he now eats anything.
His behavior was perhaps the most noticeable change though. Initially he did like Sofia, he seemed stunned, confused, lost in another world … then he started to overreact to every event. Somebody made a funny joke? He would laugh until he cried. Was a movie scary? He wouldn’t sleep for days and days. And he had become unpleasantly too picky.
But now he is returning to normal.
Apparently those were normal “symptoms” … all those who passed the exam behaved that way immediately after taking it, which led people to believe that this exam involved the use of some kind of drug.
Many boys pretended to be symptomatic after the exam. Many others convinced themselves that they were. But Axel really was, and his actions proved it.
Two weeks have passed from the day of the exam to today. In this time frame, Axel hasn’t done much. First of all, now that he’s certain that he passed the exam he started dating all the girls he was interested in. The one he went to bed today is just the latest in a long list.
It has always been easy for him to “pick up” a girl, but these days he has shattered every personal record, and he didn’t hesitate to brag about it to his friends whenever he could.
He also stopped going to school. He spends his free time working out in the gym, listening to music at home, or hanging out with someone (usually with Sofia and other friends).
And finally he started exploring new sports too, even if his passion for music takes up a lot of time. He wants to become a sort of “producer” from what I understand: he spends many nights in front of the computer with headphones over his ears doing I don’t know what.
In short, nothing special happened.
A few days ago he got the news that he had to start packing up his things because they would come to pick him up with a car, and today is the last day that he will spend at home.
He met his ex again and had her give him a farewell gift. Tonight he will have dinner with his family and then he will go out to have a night party with some friends.
I’m curled up on his legs, quite happy about the situation.
Everything is going as it should.
Axel will be my vessel to the home of my mistress. I just hope I picked the right person.