White room 3/9

Length: short

Alessio is standing up now.
In the meantime I am activating the dormant muscle units and oiling the nervous communication system, so as to speed up both his movements and his reflexes.
When I’m done his body will be fully functional. It already works fine now, but with the new communication systems I have been setting up the brain orders should reach the limbs at the speed of light, if not faster.
My host is looking at his body carefully now. He recognizes the various parts, but feels that there is something different, especially at chest height.
<<I’m back!>> the woman returns to the room with folded clothes in her hand <<Clean and perfumed, just as you like them!>> and as soon as she notices that Alessio is out of the bed covers takes on a slightly worried expression <<Hey, aren’t you a little bit too exposed? You risk getting cold!>>
Alessio shrugs <<I don’t feel cold. Not even hot. Here everything is at room temperature, I think.>>
<<If you say so.>> she puts the clothes on the bed <<Anyway, enough with posing naked, time to cover up. We’re not in a porn industry.>>
<<It is not my fault if I am naked.>> Alessio answers while retrieving the clothes.
<<You’re the one who doesn’t have the clothes though.>> she replies.
<<Yeah. Because someone took them from me!>>
<<Don’t look at me. I have better things to do during the day.>>
Alessio lets out a sigh, after which he finishes dressing.
What he is wearing now is a very simple and sporty suit. It does not satisfy my guest’s aesthetic tastes however; it is completely white and a bit too tight … and there is no shoes.
<<I’m ready.>> says Ale once finished <<So?>>
<<Follow me big boy. Let’s go and see if you are all ok.>>
Leaving the small white room we find ourselves in a room … always white but bigger. His brain is filling up again with symphonies and sensations never experienced before, but they are very light and all of them are connected to the white color and the emptiness of the room.
Alessio remains confused though. He looks around not understanding what is happening or what he is actually feeling.
<<Hey.>> the woman gets his attention back <<Are you okay?>>
<<Y … yes.>>
<<You don’t seem very convinced though.>>
<<It’s that … I told you, I’m hearing strange things.>> Alessio turns to her <<Are you sure I’m not dead?>>
<<Why should you?>>
<<It’s all white here.>>
<<I’m black though.>>
Another sigh escapes Alessio <<Okay. Everything is white except you. Anyway you are dressed in white.>>
<<So… maybe this is the heaven.>>
<<If this were the heaven I would ask God for a refund, my boy.>>
<<Still better than hell, right?>>
<<Maybe.>> the woman advances towards the center of the room, and Alessio follows her: every step they take is a bass in their melody, every meter they travel generates unique sensations… walking has never been so incredible for him.
He is still able to see himself from the outside. He can see the direction he is taking from every single point around him. He can even look over his shoulder. But this strange “sight” is not totally the same as the one he has when he uses his eyes, it is more… “surreal”. It is much more like a dream than reality.
Yet it is true.
<<Very good.>> she stops and turns towards him <<Now I’ll let you do some exercises, okay? Just to see if after that long sleep you are still ok.>>
<<Get ready!>> she smiles.