White room 2/9

Length: short

The door of the bedroom reopens <<So, how are you now?>> asks the woman entering inside <<Do you feel better?>>
Alessio puts another little white pizza in his mouth, then looks at her <<Worse.>> he says with his mouth full.
<<You seem much calmer though.>>
He swallows the pizza almost without chewing it <<You gave me only junk to eat.>>
<<But you’re eating it.>>
<<Because I’m hungry.>>
<<Hungry, uh?>> the woman glances at the plastic plates that Alessio has left empty; in all they are seventeen.
<<Yes. I’m hungry. And it doesn’t go away. I don’t know why.>>
The woman approaches us and takes our eighteenth plastic saucer from our hands <<Maybe you ate too much.>> she says.
<<You mean too little! I want meat! Enough of this stuff that tastes like nothing! The blankets have more flavor!>>
<<If you don’t liked it you could have avoided eating so much. >> she says placing the plate on top of the others, all placed in a corner of the bed.
<<I know. It’s just that every time I finish a dish another comes along. From there.>> and points to the ceiling.
<<That’s how room service works around here. >> she replies <<Nice, isn’t it?>>
<<Cool as a system.>> Alessio comments <<It’s a pity that the dishes are not taken back, though.>>
<<Well … you should put the empty dishes on the tray when it comes down, actually.>>
<<Ah …>> Alessio looks at the woman <<anyway … who are you?>>
<<Who am I? >> the woman gives him a look of fake bewilderment <<You are in worse shape than I thought. Tell me … how do you feel now? You seem to have calmed down a bit.>>
Alessio looks at his hands and turns them in front of his eyes. Each of their movements produces music, and the more the movements are beautiful to look at, the more enjoyable the music is … the more complex the movements, the more composed the music … the faster the movements, the faster the tempo of the music.
<<Nothing has changed. I’m just used to it.>> he says.
<<Do you still hear those annoying noises?>>
<<There are not just noises. I also feel smells. Flavors. Strange sensations, like things that touch me but are not actually touching me.>>
<<And … can you describe these sensations in a more precise way?>>
<<No! I cannot do it! I do not know how to do it. But every time I speak I see … I see what I say.>>
<<You see what you say like… letters?>>
<<No.>> Alessio moves his gaze on her <<I see like… colored waves.>>
<<And what color do they have?>>
<<I don’t know.>>
<<How do you not know?>>
<<I don’t know! It’s not green… it’s not yellow… it’s not blue … I just don’t… I just don’t know what color it is. I’ve never seen it before.>>
<<And everything you say has that color?>>
<<No. The baddest words, like the swear-words, have dark and… heavy colors. While sweeter words are clearer and lighter. And they taste better too.>>
The woman raises an eyebrow <<Interesting.>>
<<But I don’t just see colors! I also see where they end up! They even have a scent. And if I say the word “cold” … those waves become cold. And I feel the cold. Not too strong, but I feel it.>>
Alessio sighs <<I’m going crazy, right?>>
<<Most likely yes.>> says the woman with a broad smile <<But don’t worry! I’m here to prevent it!>>
<<Are you a doctor?>>
<<Oh hell no!>> she replies with the same broad smile.
<<So … uhm … who are you? >>
<<I’m the one who’ll put you back to health, my boy.>> is her answer <<Come on, time to get up! You need to do some physical exercise if you want to feel good.>>
<<Uhm … wait …>> Alessio frowns <<Why?>>
<<Why? Don’t you know?>>
<<Exercise helps the mind! But being lazy help being crazy! So if you don’t want to go crazy, you’d better get up right away big boy.>> she says <<Now I’m going to get you some suitable clothes. I’ll be right back!>>
<<W-wait …>> Alessio touches his legs, and realizes one thing <<Am I completely naked?>>
<<Always has been!>> she says going out of the room and closing the door behind her.