It all started when an old friend from school called me.
That person and I hadn’t heard from each other for a while; she went to university after high school, I instead went to work as an electrician. She called me because she knew about my work, and having an electrical problem to solve at her house she decided to ask me for help, so as to have an excuse to talk to me again.
But I know the truth is another. She called not because she wanted to reach me again, but because she expected me to do her work for free, after all at school I was her doormat, I followed her like a dog and often paid for her breakfast too.
She was one of the prettiest girls in school and I was lucky (or unlucky) to befriend her when we were kids, which allowed me to be his “friend” even during our teen years.
Anyway we talked on the phone for a while, reminiscing about old times, but she was in a hurry so she left me the route of her home and some information about the problem she needed help with; I told her that I didn’t quite understand her problem but that I would try to help her anyway, and so we arranged an appointment at her house on a Thursday afternoon.
I must be sincere here, I didn’t really want to “help” her, on the contrary I intended to get back all the money I had wasted on her during our schools times (mostly used for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and gifts); my plan wasn’t to discount the job, it was to overprice it. And I also knew how to do it.
When I arrived I was amazed though: she lived in the wealthy area of the city, and her house was a modern, ultra-technological and super-expensive villa … just seeing it filled me with envy and dissatisfaction. How the hell did she afford that kind of house? What’s her job? What happened to her?
I ignored those feelings though, and walking towards the entrance, I rang the bell.
To open that door was a boy taller than me, and also much thicker, with blonde hair and blu eyes; as soon as I saw him I felt my gut twitch…it was so damn hot!
<<Hey>> he said to me after opening the door <<you’re the electrician, right?>>
<<Uh… yeah. I’m the electrician. Who are you?>>
<<My name is Johan.>> he introduced himself <<Come in. My girlfriend is not here at the moment, so I’ll show you where the problem is so you can fix it. But take off your shoes first, I don’t want you to dirty the floor.>>
I did what he told me. In fact, the house was clean and tidy and had a light, crisp, exquisite scent: it looked like the typical house used in real estate advertisements.
<<T-this house… is it yours?>> I asked the boy as I followed him inside the villa.
<<Yes. Why do you ask?>>
<<N-nothing, it’s just that … I thought she was going to university.>>
<<She is.>> was the simple answer.
<<So … um … this house is not hers, but just yours? Right?>>
Judging by the tone of the replies it was clear that he didn’t appreciate my curiosity, so I decided to shut up and follow him in silence.
The boy led me inside a room bigger than my apartment; there was everything in there, from a small aquarium to a gigantic plasma TV to a double water bed complete with a bookcase, a punching bag, an exercise bike, a treadmill, a desk occupied by three different screens and two computers … I’m sure that there was even more inside there, but the boy didn’t let me look around too much because he immediately started talking.
<<The problem is in the floor.>> he said, pointing to a spot near the punching bag.
<<F … floor?>>
<<What did you mean? I’m an electrician, not a bricklayer.>>
<<The floor is electronic. It warms up by itself.>>
<<What? Really?>>
<<It does it with hot water though… right?>>
<<I don’t know. I know it’s divided into squares though, and you can open them. One of those squares doesn’t work well and causes problems from time to time. That’s where you have to check.>>
<<Ah … I understand.>> actually no, I didn’t understand <<So … ok. Can I … see this “square”?>>
The boy took me to the exact spot, after which I saw the floor … open up. Literally.
<<Here. Check for yourself. See if you find the problem.>>
That was alien technology to me, but in order not to look like an ignorant idiot in front of my friend’s boyfriend I bent down and studied the situation … what I saw was nothing but a colorful and luminescent tangle of wires, cables and pipes … what a mess!
I lowered my head even further, and at that moment Johan got a little closer; his feet, covered by grey socks, were a few centimeters away from my face… I clearly smelled a particularly pungent smell coming from there, and… well, a shiver of pleasure ran through my body.
That smell was surprisingly good.
<<Uh … ehm … I need time.>>
<<Okay. Today I don’t have much commitments, so take all the time you need.>> the boy then moved away, but luckily for me he remained in the room.
I’m so ashamed to say it, but it was really good looking. He had an incredible virility and a model-type face. I’ve always been interested in girls, but for some reason he was giving me the same vibes a female model in a bikini would give.
I didn’t understand anything about that ultra-technological floor, but I pretended to study it just to have the opportunity to keep observing that boy moving around the room; I liked every part of his body, from his feet to his hair… and the more I looked at him the more I regretted my lazy choice to never go to the gym: maybe I could’ve had a physique like his.
At one point Johan started training: he started jumping rope then hitting the punching bag. He acted as if I wasn’t there, and after almost an hour of nonstop physical effort he was so sweaty that he had to take off his shirt, showing off a deliciously fit physique.
My eyes traveled from his back to his feet, which left sweaty footprints on the floor with every step … and that, for some reason, was turning me on.
In the end I couldn’t help myself and I let a compliment slip like a common simp.
<<You have an incredible physique … do you also play sports or do you just train?>> I asked.
He gave me a vaguely disinterested look <<Focus on working. You are not here to talk.>>
<<S-sorry …>> I replied looking down at the floor <<I was just curious.>>
He sighed <<I do different sports. Football. Basket. I also run, and I really like wrestling.>>
At that point I went back to look at him <<I like wrestling too! I wanted to do it when I was in school, but I changed my mind. Maybe I will in the future, if I will have time.>>
He made a half grimace <<Better not. You would die.>>
<<You’re so skinny that if I spit on you I’d hurt you. I don’t think wrestling is something you can handle.>>
That was clearly an insult, but it was given without any sign of malice on his face, so he didn’t mean to offend me… I guess. In fact I was not offended, but Istill felt the need to defend my honor.
<<Um … w-well I do not have to be bigger to do wrestling.>>
<<Ah no?>> was his answer, given while slowly approaching me <<Sure of what you’re saying?>>
<<You just need a lot of technique and stamina, and I have a lot of stamina.>> I said to keep defending myself.
<<Really?>> he asked with an almost defiant expression.
I was kneeling on the floor, and to look at him I had to look up because he was so close that he towered over me … and that position, united by his penetrating gaze, was making me tremble.
<<Y … yes …>> I said trying to hold his gaze.
He half smiled <<Without technique you go nowhere. I used to wrestle as a kid, and whenever I faced clueless enemies I liked to put their heads or ribs in the middle of my legs, right here>> he passed a hand on his thighs, hardened <<I liked all kinds of scissorholds. You know them, right?>>
I was so lost in looking at the perfect musculature of his legs that I processed and answered his question a few seconds late.
<<Ehm … y-yes … I know them.>>
He nodded <<I really loved those holds. I once squeezed a kid so tightly he threw up. I gave him a spectacular bodyscissor, so perfect that even the coach was amazed. He never saw somebody vomit for a scissorhold before.>>
<<W … well … that doesn’t surprise me.>>
The boy raised an eyebrow <<What do you mean?>>
<<I mean that … you have really some crazy legs. Just … incredible.>>
<<Thanks. I actually think that my legs are the most trained part of the body. They are like … three times bigger than your arms. Do you even eat properly?>> he asked with a smile.
At that moment I heard the door of the room opening, and turning around I saw my old school friend advancing in our direction.
<<HELLO!>> she greeted both with a big and sunny smile.
I immediately returned her greeting but she almost completely ignored me to go and kiss Johan.
<<So…have you already solved the problem?>> she then asked, looking at the floor.
<<Not yet.>>
<<And … what are you doing?>>
<<We were talking about wrestling. He was telling me that he has a lot of stamina. I was telling him that it wouldn’t be of much use to him. Then he started simping on my legs, and->>
<<W-wait!>> I interrupted him <<I wasn’t simping!>>
<<Yes, you were.>>
<<You were, and I was going to offer you the opportunity to test them.>>
By hearing those words I froze <<What… do you mean?>>
<<You said you have a lot of stamina.>>
<<So let’s see if it’s true. Put your head between my legs and hold on for at least thirty seconds without giving up or fainting.>> was his answer <<If you will manage to do it… I’ll pay you double. Otherwise, half. Deal?>>
<<Johan!>> my friend exclaimed at that point <<He is not here to play with you, he has to work.>>
<<I said “thirty seconds” not “thirty hours”!>> he protested.
<<The answer is still no.>>
<<Come on! Stop being boring. Don’t you want to see his head explode?>>
<<No.>> was her curt answer, and having said that she gave me a quick look <<Just ignore it, he’s a kid.>>
<<But he wants to do it too. Right?>> Johan at that point gave me an eloquent look <<If you win, I’ll pay you double. Don’t you want double money?>>
I didn’t know what to say. The idea of having my head between his legs was somehow appealing to me, I don’t know why, but the idea of getting paid half for a stupid bet didn’t appeal to me at all.
I lowered my gaze to the floor giving one last look at that strange heap of wires that I should have fixed, but my gaze was immediately kidnapped by Johan’s feet and the giant footprints that his sweaty gray socks had left behind … and was precisely that vision that convinced me to make a choice.
I looked back at the boy and nodded.
<<Okay.>> I told him <<But only for thirty seconds. And if I win, I want to be paid in advance.>>
Johan’s gaze lit up at those words, crossed by a fierce light of challenge <<Ah … really? Okay then. But I too want to be paid in advance.>>

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