The house 2/5

Length: medium-short

As expected the villa is very large.
There is a modern kitchen with a bar counter and a direct access to the garden which enjoys what looks like a small artificial thermal pond.
Also connected to the kitchen is the dining room equipped with a giant TV, a very comfortable sofa, a small bookcase and many other interesting things that I have not been able to look well.
On the upper floor there should be the bedrooms, but I cannot go there because I will sleep in another place and that area is closed to me; apparently I am even forbidden to take the stairs.
However, I am allowed to go down the stairs, but underneath I did not find a cellar as I expected, but much more.
There is a super-equipped and gigantic underground gym, also equipped with a large shooting range and a ring for combat sports; the gym looks superb and modern, and I think I will use it a lot if I am allowed to do so, as I am quite a sporty type.
The gym isn’t the only thing I’ve seen. There are corridors leading to other underground areas, most of them closed though; in addition to the gym only two other areas are open, but when I looked into one of them a very bad feeling of discomfort and bad mood hit me: Hanna explained to me that that place is a sort of dump, and in fact it is called “Furnace” because apparently the waste is burned there.
The other available area is the warehouse, a place where food is kept fresh in large refrigerators. The cool thing? The warehouse is directly connected to the kitchen, and there is also a small lift that is used to bring boxes or large containers upstairs.
Exploring it in a superficial way, I realized that the warehouse is really large … and some things contained there are quite unusual. What are these gigantic … cages for?
Now I’m back in the hall. Hanna just told me where I will sleep, which is in a small separate building in the garden.
<<Okay … but where are you?>> I ask at this point.
<<Yes. You’re not at home, right?>>
<<No. I hardly ever come home.>>
<<If I would, your presence would not be needed, would it? You are here to guard the little ones while I’m out.>>
<<Yeah, you’re right.>> I say looking around with a bit of confusion; my suitcase have disappeared <<By the way, where are they? At school?>>
<<They are out, but they will be back soon.>>
<<Got it.>>
<<The phone will warn you when they enter.>>
<<Yes. The application of the house allows you to keep the entire structure under control. It will also often send you messages where you will be told what you need to do. Follow every order and every advice. It will help you do your job smoothly.>>
<<Cool! I didn’t install the application though. How do I do it?>>
<<Don’t worry, installation is automatic for those who come to work here. You should already have it.>>
<<Wait, really? >> I ask pulling the phone out of my pocket <<Interesting …>> I add while I notice that there really is a new application dedicated to the house on the “home” screen.
<<And that was all. Remember to always listen to what the little ones have to say to you. In my absence they are the bosses, understood?>>
<<Got it.>>
<<Good. Enjoy your stay. In your room you will find a private bathroom with a whirlpool! I advise you to make use of it immediately. In the wardrobe you will also find clothes of your size, the jumpsuit that you will have to wear to stay here. Please, do not go around the house without the suit.>>
<<Okay. Thanks!>>
<<You’re welcome! Goodby, big boy.>>
The phone call ends.
I go back to look around with a bit of confusion … I am in the hall and I had left my bag here. Where did it go? It was right here at the front door.
Strange …
The phone vibrates. Did I get a message? Did Hanna forget to tell me something? Afterall, besides her nobody writes to me anymore.
I check, and I notice that it was the house itself who wrote to me; apparently the application that installed itself also has a notification system.
I open the message and read: “Welcome to Villa Borqued number H28! It will be a pleasure to have you as a servant! Get to your dorm!”
Dorm? It’s talking about the building located in the garden?
The screen on the phone changes automatically showing me what looks like a compass; “Follow the arrow!” says an inscription while the arrow points towards the hall.
What the hell …?
Oh well, let’s follow it. Let’s see where it takes me.
The arrow leads me to the garden and then to the building dedicated to the servants, which is seems to be a studio apartment.
As I approach it the door opens by itself, showing me a dormitory that can accommodate up to 25 people. The beds are completely bare though, only one has blankets and pillows… so I guess that’s mine.
I approach it and touch it with one hand; the mattress is exquisitely soft, it seems filled with water, while the blankets have a delicious smell of laundry. Someone must have recently washed them, the same person who took my bags I guess.
The phone vibrates; another message from the house.
“Hot bath in preparation”.
While I read it, a sound coming from my left forces me to shift my gaze in that direction, and there I notice a door that just at this moment has opened by itself; beyond the door the light is already on, and there is a noise coming from there, the constant sound of flowing water.
Through the door the first thing I see is the whirlpool tub, which can also be used as a shower if desired.
It is a large tub, designed to be used by several people, in fact it is divided into five equal parts and therefore can be used by five people at the same time; one of the five parts is full of steaming water.
Another message comes to me right now.
“Hot bath ready”.
<<Wow.>> I comment <<Well … thanks, home.>> said that I undress and as suggested by Hanna I take a bath.