The house 1/5

Length: short

It’s amazing the leaps and bounds that technology has made in recent years considering that this car is really driving itself.
I don’t think it’s possible to buy a fully automatic car right now, no one I know owns one; the richest of my friends has a car that makes it easier for him to drive on highways, but nothing more.
This car instead came to pick me up at the dock, and from there it moved automatically to our destination without me having to do or say anything. There is not even the steering wheel above, nor a “control panel”. There is only a radio and four very comfortable seats.
It’s amazing, but it’s also true that it’s easy for this car to drive itself. There is nothing here that can hinder his movements, and the road traveled is perfectly straight.
What a strange place.
After a short but comfortable journey the car slows down, and with a couple of quick and precise maneuvers it parks right in front of the gate of the villa where I will soon be working; when the engine stops, the belt removes itself, and the car door opens automatically.
I go out stretching myself; I feel like someone just gave me a long massage… traveling in this car was an indescribable luxury.
The trunk opens in the meantime so I go there to retrieve my bag, and once took it my phone vibrates. I take it in hand, and I notice that the number I saved as “boss (?)” is calling me.
<<Hello?>> I answer while I put on the headphones so as not to have to hold the phone in my hand.
<<Hey big boy, have you arrived?>> answers a cheerful and feminine voice.
<<Hi Hanna! Yes, I am here in front of the house! The journey was long, this island is big even if … well, there isn’t much to see around here.>> I say while looking around <<But it’s huge.>>
<<Oh yeah, it is! Now I open you, wait.>>
The gate makes a fairly familiar sound, so I walk towards it and notice that it has opened.
<<I’m inside. >> I say crossing it <<Wow … what a luxury! I didn’t think fashion agencies made so much money.>>
<<You like it, huh?>>
<<Absolutely. It’s super cool here. And then the floor is not bad at all. It’s super soft. It really seems to be walking on a cloud.>>
<<Told you that removing your shoes was the right move to do! The floor can also absorbs bad odors and humidity, and it changes color. When you have to clean it turns very white, so you can immediately see both the dust and the crumbs. While at night it gets darker, so it doesn’t bother your sight.>>
<<Wow …>>
I reach the door of the villa, but it is still closed. Believing that Hanna is on the other side I stop out here waiting for her to open it, and in the meantime I study the colors of the structure, which are very bright and defined: yellow, white, gray, blue, red, green and brown.
<<Ehm … I’ve arrived.>> I say on the phone after waiting a bit.
<<Come closer. The house is mostly automatic.>>
I approach the door, which opens sideways as promised; in fact, now that I notice it, the door doesn’t even have a handle. It’s fully automatic.
Behind it there is an illuminated and tidy atrium.
<<Wow … >> I say once more <<Fuck, uh, I meant … damn! It’s beautiful!>>
<<Good. I’ll introduce you to the house now, step by step. And I’ll tell you the rules too. Are you ready?>>
<<Leave your bags at the entrance, so you don’t get heavy.>>