The Friend

I regret the day I welcomed him into my home. I never anticipated to being thrust into such a bizarre scenario.
Joel … I don’t know how he managed to reduce me in this state, but it happened.
It all started some months ago; Joel had recently moved to our school, and immediately proved to be an interesting guy: within days he was already talking to everyone, he easily entered the group of jocks in the class, and changed girlfriends almost every month; he was the typical street punk who spent the weekends partying.
I wasn’t even interested in knowing him. I had my friends to talk to, my girlfriend to hang out with, and my problems to think about. In fact, I initially ignored him, and apart from a greeting every now and then we didn’t exchange many words. But there was something about him that immediately attracted me.
The shoes.
As embarrassing as it may be to admit it, I’ve always had a fetish for shoes, but until then I only looked at those worn by girls. But Joel made me understand that I’m actually attracted to sports shoes in general, and the ones he wore were the best around: always clean, always shiny, and always on display since Joel rested his feet on the school desk every time he could; sometimes he did it even in the presence of the teachers.
Joel had recently moved to our city, so few knew him at the beginning. Over time he started to make a name for himself though, because he soon joined a rather well-known group of young thugs: they would go around doing street fighting and other bullshit, and he would always come out with some good story to tell.
At one point, a video circulated. It didn’t go viral, luckily for him, but everyone in the school had seen it except the teachers. In that video he beat up a man who was more than twice his age, a forty year old … he punched, kneed and kicked him, but only after he knocked him down the most … “interesting” part start.
Joel humiliated him in various ways: first he had his shoes kissed and licked, after which he forced the man to kiss his friends’ shoes too, and finally they all kicked and insulted him, even going so far as to urinate on him.
From what I know, the man deserved that and even more, but initially the video was horrible, it disgusted me… yet I hadn’t removed it from my phone, on the contrary, I had saved it on my computer and occasionally watched it again… for some strange reason. Thanks to that video I learned that he is a fan of combat sports: he wrestles in school, but outside of school he also practices boxing and MMA.
That video had a peculiar impact on his popularity. Instead of depicting him as a bully to be avoided, it unexpectedly elevated him to the status of the most popular boy in school. His social media profiles went from having an average of 200-300 followers to an average of 3,000, and the reason is simple: the man who was beaten up happened to be a forty-year-old who attempted to assault a little kid, so Joel became a sort of “superhero” in the eyes of the students.
That video had a weird effect on me too. Although he initially disgusted me, since I saw it my obsession with his shoes has increased. In that video he walked over his victim, kicked him, jumped on his back, and forced him to kiss and lick his shoes … and I enjoyed watching those scenes. One day I even dreamed about being beaten and kicked by him, and it was such an intense and pleasant dream that he made me cum … and that was my first time cuming for a man and not a woman.
I didn’t know what was going on in my head; as time went by, my interest in him kept growing.
After a few weeks I started talking to him. He is arrogant and a little annoying, but he is sociable. He likes to talk to everyone, even if not everyone likes to talk to him. So I started greeting him more frequently, spending a bit more time around him, and I even attempted to initiate arguments with him… but it was futile. Except for a greeting, he didn’t pay me the slightest attention, not even a glance.
He was sociable, yes, but he always had someone more interesting than me to talk to.
So one day a stupid idea came to my mind. I usually take the train to go home, while he takes the bus instead. But if I want, I too can take the bus; I would have made the road a lot longer, but it would have increased my chances of having an argument with him, and so I started taking the bus myself.
Unfortunately he was surrounded by his friends even up there, and when someone was missing they would occupy the free seats either with their backpack or putting their feet on it; they often left their feet there even in the presence of people who might have preferred to sit down.
That arrogant behavior, for some reason, made my belly boil … but not with anger, with something more like pleasure.
One day I was lucky anyway. Though perhaps I should say unfortunate, considering how it turned out.
It was a bit dark and cloudy day, almost everyone was missing from school, and on the way back the bus was almost completely empty, so I sat next to him for the first time since I’ve known him.
He had his head bent over his phone; he was reading his math notes.
<<Oh, hey, Joel. Math, huh?>> I said to start a conversation <<Do you…do you need a hand?>>
He gave me a quick look; I don’t even know if he recognized me <<Can you do these exercises?>>
<<Yes, no problem for me.>>
<<Okay, I’ll send them to you now. I need them done for tomorrow, so send them back to me tonight or tomorrow morning.>>
At those words I hesitated for a moment; he was literally asking me to do his homework … no, that wasn’t even a request, he was talking as if everything had already been decided.
<<S … sure, I can help you … if you want …>> was my unconvinced answer; I had no intention of actually doing his homework, but at the same time I didn’t want to appear unpleasant during our first real conversation.
<<Perfect.>> he replied <<Today I have to train, I don’t have time for this shit.>>
<<Okay…so…uhm…how many exercises …?>>
<<Thirty. But they are easy.>>
I let out a sigh. Thirty exercises… It would take me around 3 hours, maybe even more, to complete them all. Knowing this was quickly making me stop wanting to help him … but then I heard him exclaim: <<Shit!>>
<<What happened?>> I asked him.
<<I can’t send them to you. This app has … an anti-cheat system?>>
<<All school apps have anti-cheat systems. You can’t send your homeworks to other students … you can’t even do screenshots.>>
<<Really? Fuck.>>
I didn’t say anything but I felt relieved … the mere idea of ​​spending three or more hours doing someone else’s homework disgusted me.
While Joel continued to complain, my attention shifted to his shoes. His feet were comfortably resting on the seat in front, and I observed his short white socks, sporty shoes, and his snug-fitting pants for minutes before I reluctantly made up my mind to discreetly capture a photo of them.
I picked up the phone, pretended I was watching a video by putting on headphones, and then snapped it.
However, the phone flashed due to the low light of that cloudy day.
It is said that those who are on the verge of death see their whole life before their eyes … and I think this rumor is false, because in the moments following the flash I felt like I was dying, but the only thing I thought about was the immensity of my idiocy.
I slowly shifted my gaze towards Joel expecting some aggressive or strange reaction, but he still had his head bent over his phone.
I held my breath in fear, anticipating some sort of reaction. However, in the end, nothing happened. It appeared that Joel hadn’t noticed the flash, although deep down, I couldn’t help but feel that he actually had. It was practically a sudden and unmistakable burst of light, impossible to miss … Yet, Joel seemed to have completely disregarded the event.
When it was finally my time to get off the bus I got up without even saying goodbye, too nervous and scared to do so, but he stopped me immediately.
<<Where are you going?>> he asked me, giving me an almost confused look.
<<Uhm … I have to take the train to go home.>> I explained.
<<What? You still have 30 fucking exercises to do. Sit down.>> was his answer.
<<B … but can’t send them to me.>>
<<Yeah … that’s why you will do them on my phone.>>
<<L … later?>>
<<Yes. Now I eat, then I train. And while I train, you do my homework. Easy, right?>> having said that, he went back to looking at his phone screen, as if the discussion had ended there; I was so stunned that I stood for a few seconds not quite knowing what to say to him.
I could have simply left, but he was practically inviting me to his house…how could I refuse?
So I returned to the seat next to him, albeit with some uncertainty.
The rest of the journey was silent. He listened to music while I watched some videos. Occasionally I would glance up, fixing my gaze on his shoes. They were a captivating sight, proudly displayed on the bus seat for all to see.
Things went on like this until we both got off the bus.
<<Follow me.>> he told me once we got off the bus, and without saying anything else he led me to a sort of diner.
<<Do we eat here?>> I asked him while taking a seat.
<<I eat here.>> he replied, after which he ordered lunch, and I imitated him because I didn’t know what else to do.
Even there we didn’t talk at all. He continued to ignore me, always with the phone in his hand, while I sat there feeling perplexed and nervous. I couldn’t fathom why I was there or how I had ended up in such a weird situation.
After eating he let out a loud satisfied burp, whereupon he got my attention and nodded towards the cashier <<You pay.>> he informed me.
<<W … what?>>
<<I have no money with me.>>
<<M-Me neither!>>
<<Cap, you have the card. You always pay with that at the school bar.>> was his answer.
<<Yes but … I don’t have much money inside.>>
<<Just pay and let’s go dude, I have a lot to do today.>>
<<Weren’t you the one with the huge swimming pool in the house? Pay a couple of meals shouldn’t be that difficult.>>
I was furious, the very idea of ​​being treated like this made my blood boil with rage. First he tells me to do his homework, then to pay for lunch… I was really thinking of walking away and leaving him there.
But I didn’t because I shifted my gaze to his shoes once again: he had one foot comfortably resting on the chair next to mine, and that vision made me reflect on the fact that going home to do his homework also meant having access to his collection of sports shoes. Why spoil this chance just for a stupid lunch? And, after all, he was right: I didn’t lack money so I didn’t care much about paying for him… it was his way of talking that annoyed me the most, but I decided to let it slide and go along with it.
That was the first time I paid him anything… and it wouldn’t be the last.

Joel’s house was old, small and rather bare; the front door still opened with a metal key while the exterior walls were yellowed and decaying. However, the inside of the house was very clean and tidy, and I remember that as soon as Joel opened the door, he ordered me not to enter.
<<Stay here>> he told me <<or you will get everything dirty.>> and said that he quickly took off his shoes and entered, leaving me at the front door for several minutes.
The footprints of his feet were left on the floor … footprints that I watched like I was hypnotized until his return.
<<Now I’m going to train.>> he told me once he got back; he had changed his clothes and with him instead of a backpack he had a training bag.
<<What about the homework?>> I asked him.
<<You will do them while I train.>>
<<I … inside the gym?>>
<<No. Just follow me, you will see.>>
He led me to a small public park in his neighborhood, which like the rest of the area seemed abandoned and disused; the grass was too long, the few trees looked dead, the benches were mostly rotten and the old rides were rusty… and there was nobody there, apart from an old man with his dog.
Joel took me to an area of ​​the park dedicated to calisthenics … a real pity that there was no one to use those beams, apart from him; in that area someone also attached a punching bag, an element that clashed with everything else since it looked quite new and recently bought.
<<Do you train here?>> I asked him <<I thought you were taking MMA courses.>>
<<Yes, but in my spare time I train here as well.>>
<<Ah … I see. So …>>
<<So sit down and start working.>>
<<Where?>> I asked looking around; the closest bench was across the park.
Joel pointed to a point on the ground near the beams <<Go there.>> and said that he gave me his phone, put on his bluetooth headphones and started training.
As usual, I was a little bit stunned. He was treating me like some sort of doormat, and I wasn’t quite sure how to react.
But in the end I did as he told me. I sat down next to the rafters and opened the school application on his cell phone, even though I really didn’t feel like doing his homework; meanwhile Joel began skipping and running in place, warming up his body.
With a loud sigh I steeled myself and tried to concentrate on the work… but I remember being able to do only three exercises before losing concentration again; meanwhile Joel was doing pull-ups.
At one point, the boy took off his shoes and placed them right beside me. It seemed that most people practicing calisthenics preferred to train barefoot, although I couldn’t fully grasp the reason behind it; perhaps if I engaged in the activity myself, I would come to understand. Anyway, that event completely shattered my motivation to do the homework: Joel’s shoes were positioned less than a meter away from me, and their presence was consuming all my attention.
Joel had also taken off his socks, which he had left in his shoes; part of me was fantasizing about secretly reaching them out, picking one up, and then… smelling it? Lick it? Suck it? I have no idea, I don’t know what I would have done with it, I had never come to such thoughts before.
Joel at that moment was also turning his back to me and was doing a plank; I had all the time in the world to commit the crime, and perhaps I would have done it too if I hadn’t been distracted by the vibration of Joel’s phone.
A message had just arrived.
I looked down at his cellphone again… Joel had left it with me without worrying about the fact that I could read private conversations with his friends, and unfortunately for him I’m a curious guy so I “accidentally” ended up on his chats.
He had many. Too many. I barely received a message a day from my girlfriend, and it was usually me who started the conversation, while he had dozens and dozens of open chats: groups, friends, acquaintances, teammates, even girls sending him nudes … His phone seemed to be constantly inundated with messages and notifications, so much that many of those chats were silenced.
The phone had vibrated for a message from one particular person though, one of the few whose chat hadn’t been muted.
I foolishly opened it only to find myself faced with a rather… unexpected conversion.
“So how did it go with Sara? Did you fucked her in the end?”
“Of course bro, she was limping when I finished hahahaha I destroyed her.”
“Did you make the video?”
“Yes, but if you show it to the group again, I’ll kill you. I swear that I’ll start charging you full price.”
“Relax, I won’t. Promise. Let me see it now.”
Out of curiosity, I opened the video in question.
Luckily the phone didn’t make any sounds of any kind, so I was able to start watching that video without any problems.
It was obviously a pornographic film that had Joel as protagonists with a girl that could easily pass for a model.
The video was probably shot in a hotel room, and it started with the girl smiling, waving to the camera of the phone that was probably placed on a table or something similar.
Then the video continued with her taking off Joel’s shirt, who was sitting on the hotel bed; it was at that moment that I truly noticed the definition of his physique. Joel’s body was a marvel, lean yet chiseled like a work of art. I could only imagine how desirable it must be for someone, especially a girl, to have the opportunity to touch a body so impeccably sculpted.
She continued by kissing his neck, going down more and more until she reached his pants.
<<Yo, dude.>> Joel’s voice made me raise my head from the phone, and in doing so I saw that he was standing in front of me, bare chest and with a rather hostile gaze <<What the fuck are you doing?>>
I froze on the spot; I’m pretty sure my heart skipped a beat.
I wondered how Joel knew that I was snooping in his chats, but as I looked at his face the realization struck me: he was wearing bluetooth headphones, and it dawned on me that the sounds from his phone were playing directly into his ears … that’s why there was no sound in the first place.
I gulped as my heart started pounding <<S … sorry …>> I tried to tell him in a faint voice.
Silently, Joel leaned forward in front of me, maintaining unwavering eye contact; he gently retrieved the phone from my hands and performed a swift action, and when he returned it to me I noticed that the school application had reappeared on the screen.
<<If after I’ve trained you haven’t finished all the exercises, I’ll hang you on a beam and use you as a punching bag.>> he said, staring me straight in the eyes <<Got it?>>
<<G-got it.>>
So he got up and went back to his training.
I did several of the exercises after that event, and the only interruption I received was when a small group of teens came up to us and started talking to him.
I tried to ignore them because apparently they were Joel’s friends; they exchanged a few jokes, smoked a few cigarettes, did some playful sparring with him, and then they left.
About ten minutes after their departure, Joel approached me again.
<<Get up.>> he told me; he was sweating all over.
<<Y … you done?>>
<<No.>> he dropped two boxing gloves on the floor <<Just put them on and get up.>>
<<W … what?>>
<<Don’t make me repeat it.>>
<<But why? I’m doing what you told me to do, I’m doing all the exercises!>>
<<I’ll give you five minutes then I’ll kick you until you get your ass off the ground.>>
At those words I decided to pick up the gloves from the ground and get up; he sounded rather harsh and hostile, probably due to my earlier stunt, and I had no desire to irritate him further.
<<This way.>>
We moved towards the grassy area of the park, where both he and I proceeded to put on our boxing gloves.
I already knew what was going to happen and I remember shaking with nervousness.
<<D … do you want to beat me?>> I asked him.
<<No. I just want to punch something that can move. I’m getting bored with the bag.>>
<<But you sparred with your friends just now!>>
<<Yeah, but they had to leave and we stopped right away. I want to continue though.>>
<<But I… I’m not good at these kind of things.>>
He shrugged <<Defend yourself and resist as much as you can. I won’t hurt you.>>
But he was lying.
I didn’t have the slightest idea of ​​how to move while Joel effortlessly circled around me, filling me with blows that, despite their lightness, hurted a lot; I ended up on the ground several times, and several times he ordered me to get up threatening to kick me if I didn’t.
The more we went on, the worse I felt: I started shaking from the pain, my thoughts started to get slower and more confused, my vision started to blur, my limbs started to no longer respond to my commands while my eyes started to lose a lot of tears … and in the end I got a side kick that hit me in the solar plexus, a kick that completely took my breath away and sent me flying to the ground; of that moment I only remember the pain and the screams I would have made if only I had some air in my lungs.
I lay on the ground for I don’t know how long, without sight or any other sense; I was like passed out because apart from the pain I felt nothing else.
When my sight finally came back I only had time to figure out what position I was in so I could turn around and vomit on the floor instead of my clothes.
<<Wow …>> commented Joel while approaching; he stopped just a step away from me, his feet were the only thing I could see from that position <<I hurt you really bad, huh?>>
Initially I thought he was referring to vomiting, but it wasn’t just that: in addition to having vomited I was crying, I was leaking mucus from my nose, and most importantly my pants felt strangely warm and wet … and when I realized what had happened I only remember to burst into tears.
Tears streaming from my eyes, mucus dripping from my nose, vomiting from my mouth, and urine… that dude literally clocked me so hard, I was leaking fluids from every part of my body.
I cried for quite a while. Joel stood and looked at me for a minute or two, then he took off his gloves and went back to training with the punching bag.
I remember lying there on the ground until he came back to me several minutes after; he had shoes on his feet this time.
<<Get up, pussy.>> he said, but I shook my head; I didn’t want to get up and show him my wet pants <<I said get up.>> he repeated, but I still didn’t obey; he gave me a light kick in the hips, but I didn’t react <<If you don’t get up, I’ll piss on your head.>>
<<Leave me alone!>> was my answer.
<<No. Get up and come home with me. You have to finish my homeworks.>>
<<Fuck off!>>
<<Get up or I’ll piss on your head for real, I’m not kidding.>>
<<I don’t care.>>
After a brief moment of silence I felt a liquid fall straight on my hair; I immediately got scared about thinking that Joel was actually urinating on top of me, but turning around and looking up I noticed that he was holding a bottle of water in his hand and that he was laughing in amusement.
<<Come on pussy, get up. I know you pissed yourself, there’s no need to to hide it.>>
<<W … what?>>
<<Yeah, I can see it. And now get up. I’ll take you home, you will take a shower, and then you will finish my homework. Otherwise I’ll take a picture of you and tell everyone that I hit you so hard that you literally peed on yourself.>>
I wanted to yell and insult him, but I just went along with it.
Every single part of my body ached, from head to toe, but I got up anyway; he looked me up and down, then gave a teasing half smile and nodded towards his bag <<Take it and let’s go.>>
<<Yes, you. You were supposed to help me with my homework today but you haven’t done shit except jerk off to my videos and piss your pants. So now you will do something useful, you will take my bag.>>
I had neither the strength nor the inclination to answer him, and so we returned to his house on his terms; he walked ahead of me, phone in hand and zero worries, while I limped behind him, carrying his duffel bag and my backpack over my shoulders.
I didn’t know it yet, but that day was far from being over.

The story is not over yet … wait for the new chapter to come out