Red moon 4/4

Length: short

When the police arrived they found the doctor with many broken bones. The damage was not fatal, but the man remained paralyzed. He could no longer even speak, only move his eyes.
It took months to securely unlock his computer and study its contents. The videos, photos, names and data in there would have been enough to sentence him to life imprisonment, so his medical situation is not displeasing to anyone.
In addition to him, that computer also incriminated other people, and just when the situation was getting messed up the newspapers stopped talking about it: the last thing that was made known about this case is the fact that some politicians were connected to the incident, corrupted by a private company.
As for Samuel, he escaped without a trace and felt very satisfied with his work. He had used his new “superpowers” for something he felt was right, and had managed to avenge, at least in part, the Samuel of the stories he read.
He followed the case of the doctor with interest, and when they announced that among the list of guilty there were also politicians he immediately became attentive: those politicians were the same of his second dream.
For a long time he remained undecided. His plan was to capture the doctor, and that’s it. He didn’t think he could search and track down the other people involved. But he had been given very important information, including the names and faces of the politicians he dreamed of. If he wanted to, he could have hunted them too.
His was an inhuman physique after all. His new body had become superhuman. He could no longer live a “normal” life because there were very few things that satisfied him by then. The more the days passed, the more he felt “wasted”. He wanted to do something important, and he knew he could do it.
He tried to ignore the desire to take action initially. He finished school and spent the rest of his teenage years as a normal boy. At that time only one thing bothered him: the constant and insatiable hunger.
But when he noticed that the corrupt politicians were no longer the center of attention of the newspapers, he understood that in reality they had been saved in some way and had covered up the affair, and not wanting to leave them unpunished Samuel made the decision to go after them.
This time it wasn’t going to be easy though. This time he had to prepare well.
He needed a plan and more information. And maybe even some help.