Red moon 3/4

Length: medium-short

The doctor’s laboratory is small, cramped, but long. There are cameras in there, which is why Samuel covered his face. There are also several rooms.
In one he finds the girls. Three are hooked like clothes to the walls, the others are placed on sofas made to measure for them.
Now that he observes them more calmly and more closely he can tell that they look a lot like real dolls, the doctor cleans them every day and makes sure that their skin is smooth and soft. They are… disgustingly beautiful.
Samuel looks at them sadly without saying anything. He knows that the doctor makes them deaf, mute and blinds, so it is useless to speak because they would not hear much; the doctor also cuts off their limbs and replaces them with fake arms and legs… that’s why some of them hang from the walls, even if they are alive; this is the reason the others are seated, still and motionless, even if they breathe.
Those are no longer girls. They are living dolls.
The more he looks at them, the more her senses are flooded with sweetness… a sweetness so strong that it is sickening. He can’t look at them for too long.
He would very much like to kill them to put an end to their suffering but at the same time he doesn’t want to do it.
So he leaves to the police to decide what to do with them. He doesn’t know what the right choice is, nor does he know if it’s up to him to make it. He counts them however, and notes that there are nine: one is missing.
Going forward he finds the boy’s room. He is amazed at how small it is, because he remembered it was huge… but it is certainly the room in which the Samuel of the story was locked up.
It counts two kids there. One has foam in the mouth and a pale face, he will soon die; the other has an open mouth and eyes that go from one part of the room to another.
There is a third bed, empty.
Samuel leaves them alone. He would like to talk to them and tell them that they will soon be saved, but he knows that in reality the best thing to do is to do nothing. He writes a letter for when the police will arrive and sticks it on the door of that room.
The letter explains the conditions of the synaesthesia, and advises those who want to enter to make as little noise as possible and to blindfold the children once they arrive. Samuel hopes that in reading that letter the police won’t break in making too much noise.
And now it’s the laboratory’s turn.
In there are all the doctor’s tools. The pliers, the cables, the syringes, the saws, the chemicals, the electrostimulators, the false limbs… He also finds his computer. Inside there are all his contacts, all his data, and he knows that there is also a “self-destruct” system in case someone tries to enter the wrong password.
He knows this because he tried to get into the computer in his story, but he failed. This time he won’t repeat the same mistake. He writes on a piece of paper not to try to access the computer and to try to hack it in other ways. He hopes the police know how.
He looks around with some satisfaction: there is only one thing left to do.
He goes back to the doctor’s house, retrieves his backpack, takes off the balaclava, and goes upstairs.
He checks every room, even the ceiling, and the last one he opens is the one where he is sure he will find what he is looking for: the tenth
“doll”, lying on the doctor’s bed, completely naked.
He closes the door and sticks his last sheet on it, with the inscription: “She is alive, still breathing. There are others in the cellar. It was the doctor. “
And now the last act.
He goes back to the living room, takes the doctor’s phone, the juice from before, a plastic cup, and while dialing the police number he sits down heavily on top of him, crushing him under his 200 lbs of weight; he uses his head as a footrest to force the man’s face to look at the floor, and while placing the juice and the glass in front of his eyes he starts the call.
The phone rings, so Samuel places it next to the other objects, in front of the doctor’s face, forced to look at them.
While waiting for the police to respond, Samuel frees his mouth.
<<DON’T YOU DARE! >> the doctor screams immediately, angry and desperate at the same time <<YOU HAVE NO IDEA ->> the boy pushes his foot calmly but firmly, and the pressure is strong enough to silence him completely; in fact Samuel’s shoe is exerting so much pressure that the cheekbones, jaw and parts of the doctor’s skull have been cracked.
<<Shhh.>> Samuel says calmly, but doesn’t add anything else, waits for the police to respond. And when it answers, he begins.
The beating that follows is violent and precise. The doctor’s body is crushed by his own, squeezed like an old orange and used like an accordion. The doctor’s screams are loud, realistic, desperate and aching enough to get the cops to investigate urgently.
When the man no longer has the breath to scream, Samuel disconnects the call, pours half a glass of juice on the plastic cup, and puts it in front of the doctor’s now tired face.
<<This is your reward for being good.>> says caressing his head in the same way he did with his victims.
Once this is done Samuel takes all his things and quickly exits the doctor’s house.