Peeping Tom

I was sitting on the bench placed in front of the bus stop when it happened.
It was a very normal day, and I had left the house to go to work; even though it was morning it was already hot, and I remember I was already starting to sweat when I saw them.
They were high school kids who were slowly walking towards the bus stop, talking and laughing among themselves; they were backpacked, but the school day had already started, so they were clearly skipping school on the sly.
There were just them and me in that place.
I am not surprised at the lack of people, on the contrary I am amazed that they were there because generally hardly anyone uses this stop. Those who live in this neighborhood prefer to walk to the metro stop (which is only a ten-minute walk away), or they simply take the car.
I have not asked myself too many questions about why they were present, however, because the stop is placed in front of a public park, a practically abandoned and unused park but still very useful for those who do not know where to go after skipping school.
Once they were close enough to make me hear their voices I started giving them far more stares than I should have; they were young and had an athletic looking, and considering the summer clothes they wore I found them … hard to ignore.
The girls’ miniskirts were the thing that attracted me the most, especially the one worn by the girl who had muscular legs; I liked their hair too though, as did the way they moved while they talked to their friends.
I hate to admit it, but girls like them… interest me. They remind me of my childhood and the crushes I had in my teens, so I didn’t last long and started staring at them, hoping not to get caught.
Everyone was handsome in that group, from the tallest to the shortest, from the thickest to the leanest; the males were mostly muscular and athletic, the least trained among them still had a lean and healthy physique; the females were thin and very fit too, and the one who seemed a bit overweight still got my attention because of the way she dressed and the way she moved.
There was no one besides them, so it was risky as a move but … I had to do it.
I slowly and secretly took my phone, then activated the camera and searched for a good angle to start taking pictures.
It wouldn’t have been the first time for me… I often do it. There is a forum where I regularly post photos of the most beautiful girls I meet on the street, and sometimes I spend whole days sitting at a table in the city center taking photos of passers-by, then I select the best ones and put them on the forum.
Nobody pays me to do it of course, and I don’t even have many followers in that forum, but I want to be regular with those photos… it’s a very enjoyable hobby for me. I feel like a photographic artist who immortalizes people’s “natural beauty” while ignoring the fake and artificial beauty of modern models.
This time, however, things did not go very well; after taking my pictures I saw the group of teens getting closer and closer, and although I didn’t bother initially because I thought a couple of them just wanted to sit on the bench, looking at them I noticed that the males had their eyes fixed on me while the girls stood further behind and walked more slowly.
Yes… they were definitely coming for me.

My first instinct was to get up and walk away, but I held back: I was sure I hadn’t been caught taking pictures, and running away from the bench just because some kids were approaching seemed a bit too pathetic for a man of my age.
At first glance they didn’t seem too dangerous. Athletic, yeah, but they were still very young; the eldest among them was taller and thicker than me, that’s true, but looking at his face I would say that he was still a minor … and the youngest seemed to have just come out of middle school.
Because of this, I resisted the urge to leave, also because in the end I had nowhere to go. This place is not only desolate, it is also very vast. Apart from the bench, the bus stop, and the buildings in the background, there was nothing … just the road and the dried grass of the park.
In retrospect I must say that I should have left though, or at least I should have tried.
Once close enough, the largest of them sat right next to me, and without saying anything he stretched out his arm behind me; one stood in front of me, but he didn’t look too threatening; the little guy, on the other hand, put his foot on the bench to completely cut me off every escape route, and he looked me straight in the eye.
<<Hey>> he said <<everything ok?>>
I remember feeling… very nervous. It was as if the air around me had become heavier and warmer; breathing had become much more difficult, as was how to think clearly.
<<Um … I … y-yes, everything’s ok.>> was my stammered answer.
<<How would you rate us? >> continued the boy.
<<Eh … what?>>
<<Give us a vote.>> he specified <<From one to ten, how much would you rate us?>>
<<A rating … for what?>>
<<I don’t know. Beauty I guess.>> was his reply <<You were photographing us, right?>>
With those words my heart had lost a beat; I literally almost had a heart attack. They had really discovered me … But how? That was the first time it happened.
Despite that, I still decided to pretend I didn’t understand, so I started shaking my head.
<<I … I do not know what you are talk->>
<<I think he is more interested in girls.>> the guy sitting next to me intervened; he was a boy with short blond hair and despite his young age he also had a fully tattooed arm.
<<You say? Okay, let’s see.>> the boy with his foot resting on the bench glanced in the direction of the girls they left behind, and whistled to get their attention <<COME HERE!>> he yelled.
I was getting more and more agitated. My heart started beating very fast, and my body was flooded with a huge amount of emotions, mostly negative.
When the girls finally got closer, I clearly noticed the anxiety and hesitation in their looks, but they were still calmer and more relaxed than me.
<<Okay.>> the boy continued, looking back at me <<So? How would you rate them?>> he then indicated one of the girls, the one with a pink miniskirt <<She is my girlfriend. Start with her. From one to ten how would you rate her?>>
I looked at the girl … as soon as she was called into question she fixed her hair and gave me a look as provocative as possible, but it was clear that on one side she was holding back laughter and on the other she was hiding her nervousness.
<<T … ten? >> I returned my gaze to that of the boy in search of approval, but his expression was … cryptic; he wasn’t smiling, but he didn’t look angry either. He was just… serious.
<<Ten?>> he asked.
<<Y … yes.>>
<<Why ten?>>
<<Y-you do not like the rate?>>
<<I just asked you a question. Why ten?>> he insisted <<I’m curious.>>
I didn’t know what to tell him. At that moment my head couldn’t think at all, I was too much… I don’t know, scared I think. I was surrounded by mere brats, but I still felt in danger.
I am not a very sporty type and I am also quite short, so despite their age I was sure that I could not save myself from that situation using only brute force, especially because the largest among them was definitely bigger than me.
But I was determined to save myself somehow. I didn’t want to play their game, and I didn’t want to know where it was headed.
<<L-listen guys, what do you want from me?>>
<<I want you to answer my fucking question.>> was the sharp response of the boy.
<<B-but why? I didn’t do anything!>>
<<Do not lie, we have seen you.>>
<<Seen doing what?>>
<<Taking pictures of us.>>
<<But that’s not true! I ->>
<<Give me your phone then. Let’s check.>>
<<N… no.>>
<<Why not?>>
<<B-because … because there are private things in there, I can not give you my phone! Besides, who tells me this isn’t just a farce, huh? You’re trying to rip me off! If I give you my phone you will just run away!>>
The boy let out a half smile, then pulled out his smartphone <<Look.>> he said showing off the ultra-expensive model he had <<Do I look like the guy who needs to steal phones from losers like you? I wouldn’t even clean my ass with yours, trust me.>>
<<I don’t know what type you are, I just know that I won’t give you my phone!>>
He then sighed impatiently.
<<Listen to me dude … you either give me the phone, or I’ll call the police.>>
<<W-what?>> I exclaimed <<The police? W-why?>>
<<You know why. You are a stalker. And a pedophile.>>
<<NO! It is not true! I ->>
<<If the police come and check your phone what do you think they will find in there, huh?>> he continued.
<<I … I don’t know.>> I replied swallowing; I was sweating, but not only from the heat; this whole situation was so unnerving that I felt like I was passing out.
<<How do you not know?>> urged the boy <<That’s your phone, you should know what’s inside. >>
<<L-listen… please, I don’t know… I don’t know what you want from me but I swear that ->>
<<Give me the phone and stop crying like a bitch.>> he interrupted me, extending his hand; he had a hard stare, so severe that in taking it I seriously felt… crushed.
I resisted his gaze for a few seconds, but the tension was too high: everyone was staring at me, all with cold, sharp eyes; I was barely breathing, the heat and nervousness were killing me, and finally looking down at the boy’s hand I gave in. I slowly handed him the phone, which he then made me unlock.
He went into the gallery but initially he didn’t say anything, he just scrolled through the photos with a thoughtful air; I wanted to stop him, say something, try to rebel … but I lacked the courage to do so. I felt weak and fragile, and the idea of opposing it was denied by my own brain as if it were a desire to be suppressed.
<<There are a lot of kids here.>> said the boy after a while <<Do you really like them so much?>>
<<They are not kids, they probably have your same age …>> I tried to defend myself.
<<Well I’m barely fourteen, so … >>
<<Exactly! Fourteen! You are a boy, not a kid!>>
He sighed, then handed the phone to his friends and returned to focus on me.
<<So … what exactly do you like? About us I mean. >> he asked.
<<Maybe the clothes.>> the tall blond boy intervened.
<<Yes, I bet you like the miniskirts of our girls. >> the boy continued <<But what else? Do you like muscles as well?>>
<<I… I… I don’t…>>
<<Don’t be shy.>> he stood right in front of me, then flexed his right arm inflating it in a totally unexpected way; from thin and slender he had become a frighteningly big and venous arm <<Would you take a picture of this arm?>>
As I watched, I swallowed the saliva that was quickly filling my mouth.
I’ve never had much attraction for males, but that arm was… spectacular.
<<Or do you prefer this?>> the boy lowered his arm to flex his leg instead, showing some incredibly sculpted thighs and calves <<What would you prefer to take the picture of?>>
I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t even know if talking was the right thing to do in that situation, so I just looked at his body in amazement and wondered how a simple fourteen-year-old could be so sculpted … At first glance he looked like a normal kid.
<<Go easy on him Kevin, or your girlfriend will get jealous.>> the blonde guy chuckled.
<<Yeah, you’re right.>>
<<I think he actually likes feet. >> one of the girls who were intent on looking at the photos on my cell phone intervened.
<<Oh yeah?>> Kevin turned to her.
<<Yes. Many of the photos are taken on legs and feet.>>
Kevin returned his focus to me <<A classic. I don’t know why but faggots and losers really like feets, for some reason.>> he said <<Ok, so … let’s see …>> he took off a shoe <<here. Take.>> and having said that he handed it to me.
<<W … what?>> was my weak answer.
<<Take the shoe.>> Kevin repeated.
<<Well … you like it, right? So take it.>>
At that moment I was being devoured by an enormous amount of very strong emotions. That shoe was white, extremely clean, sporty, well maintained but clearly used … the very idea of holding it by was making my whole body vibrate with desire.
I tried to resist the temptation to do it obviously, I didn’t want to give in to my impulses that easily, and I didn’t want to do it in front of all those eyes especially because I was afraid of what would happen next.
<<Dude, I won’t give you other opportunities to do it. If you don’t take it now I will put it back and you will never touch it again. So … take my shoe.>>
Those words completely demolished my resistance, therefore … I obeyed.

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