Welcome! You must be new here, so let me briefly explain where you are and how this site works.

The “HCR” is the imaginary organization that created the site. With the excuse of “recovering vital information” from a universe parallel to ours, a large number of stories that can be read easily, quickly and for free are here offered. In the future, if all goes well, comics, animated videos and audio documents will also be added.

We are also creating a small encyclopedia (the Catalogs) where we will describe and graphically illustrate all the places, special objects and characters that we consider important, so as to give readers the opportunity to analyze them calmly. It is not yet available though.


The Archives are the place where the most important stories are placed. Each Archive covers a specific historical period, and within them the stories are divided into two types.

Informative stories.
These are the stories that have the task of informing readers about the way of life in that precise historical period. They are short, self-contained and very simple to read; the events told are personal and not universally important, and often reading them only serves to understand the functioning of some social mechanics.

In-depth stories.
These stories have the task of deepening a specific event or a specific character. The events / characters they deal with will often be talked about in other stories as well, so although self-contained they are not completely disconnected from the others.


There are three catalogs, although for the moment they are inaccessible. They are the place where we describe and illustrate the most important information retrieved from the Archives.

In the “Names” catalog you will find the description of all the entities, the creatures and the peoples introduced in the stories of the Archives.

In the “Objects” catalog you will find a description of all the most interesting objects introduced in the Archives.

In the “Places” catalog you will find the description of all the cities and, of course, the places introduced in the stories of the Archives.

“Real” character

The characters that appear in the stories are for the most part real people. We use their real personality, their real passions, their real interests and their real physical appearance to represent them. This helps us make all characters unique, from the most important one to the least relevant.
Some characters are “played” by influencers or people who have also shared their social profiles with us, and so when you come across them you will be given the opportunity to visit their social profiles too.


Are all readings free?

Absolutely. And they will remain free in the future. Any text posted on the site will be accessible for free, there will be no “premium chapters”. To access a story, however, you will have to wait for it to be fully “supported”. You will find more details later.

In what order and in what way should I read the stories?

You will notice that the stories are divided into blocks. Each block has a different writing style and deals with a different topic. Choose the block that inspires you the most and start with the first story of the block, which is usually the “introductory” one. All other stories in the same block will deal with a similar or related topic to the introductory one, and will also be written in a similar way.
We recommend that you always start with the first story of each block, because even if many stories are self-contained and do not intertwine with each other, what is said in one may not be repeated in another.

Does this site offer only stories to read?

For now there are only stories to read and images related to them. Based on its growth other additions will be made such as animated videos or small comics, and all the things will still be offered for free. If you are interested in knowing how quickly these additions are made, just look at this article.

What does it mean to “support” a story?

Creating the stories is tiring and requires a lot of effort, so all the stories are progressively unlocked by their supporters. If you like a story and would like to see it continue, you can support it as well. It doesn’t take much, even just 1 euro is enough. The money is used for translations, proofreading, details and of course images.

Have other questions?

Contact us! We will be happy to answer any questions. We also accept all the advice you can give us on how to manage both the site and the stories.

Thank you for your attention!