Expansion of the HCR

The HCR has just being created, that’s why the site is still in its alpha version and still does not have all the features that we would like to give it.

If you are here, however, it means that you are interested in its expansion.

The site is slowly evolving!

Right now, due to a lack of readers, the site publishes the stories very slowly; it only puts in two to five per month, and there are no interesting updates for the Catalogs either.
The site is in its larval stage however, ready to evolve. Do you want to help him in this delicate process?

A new and empty Instagram profile dedicated to the site will be opened, but based on the number of followers of that profile the site will change, getting closer and closer to the moment in which it will evolve.

Once arrived to 1000 followers, the site will start to post 2 to 5 stories per month.

From 1000 to 5000 followers, the site will start commissioning digital images of the various characters in the stories; will commission 1 image per month, which will be published on the profile and in the Catalogs.

From 5000 to 10000 followers, the site will double its publications and commissions; stories will also start being added to the Catalogs.

From 10k to 15k followers, the site will leave readers the opportunity to choose which character to dedicate a commission and an in-depth story in the Catalogs.

From 15k to 20k followers, the site will double the number of commissions and allow readers to choose the details of the latter.

Reached 25k, the site will make its first evolution and will exit this alpha version by unlocking new interactive functions and completely changing its appearance, improving visually and graphically!

So what are you waiting for? Follow the site’s Instagram profile! By doing this you will also be updated on new releases and commissions, and you can also express your opinion or give advice by commenting on the posts.