I hear his footsteps in the hallway, and that alone is enough to make my heart race.
I hear him enter the living room, and then I turn to him only to see him sit down on the couch next to me; he puts his feet up on the coffee table in front of us, then points to the television.
<<Turn on the console. And bring me the pad.>>
I don’t even think about doing it, I just obey.
<<I left a beer in the fridge. Bring it to me.>>
Once again I decided not to talk and just get the work done.
He is my sister’s boyfriend, and I’ve known him for a few months now. I still don’t get over how he was able to put me in this state of mind, but… here I am, being his doormat.
From the first time I saw him things went badly for me. I remember that day perfectly.
As usual I was arguing with my sister. I had paid my part of the rent, but she still had to pay hers … she used the money to partying and traveling, and this really made me angry.
We argued loudly and slammed the doors, but that was normal for us. What was not normal, however, was the fact that there was also another person in the house that day, her new boyfriend.
I hadn’t seen him initially because he was in her room. I thought it was only her in the house, so I attacked her as soon as I saw her in the kitchen and we started arguing and yelling.
At one point her boyfriend showed up though. I still remember the blow to my heart when I found myself in front of that giant… I stopped suddenly, paralyzed by a sense of fear and surprise. The boy in front of me was taller than me and definitely bigger, and he was also half naked: he was wearing only boxers, which allowed me to admire his sculpted body with terror.
Deep stare, tall, muscular… he was an adonis, so damn handsome my guts twisted; he was looking me up and down with a rather hard expression, but those eyes were not only scaring me, they were also making my genital organ hard: I’ve never been in front of a guy so damn hot before.
<<I don’t know who you are>> he said with dangerous calm <<nor do I care. But no one talks to my girlfriend like that. Apologize.>>
<<I … I … I … she … she is … my sister.>>
<<I said I don’t care who you are. Just apologize.>>
At that point I remember recovering from my surprise; I had an erection, but was too angry to notice, so I vehemently objected to his demands: my sister was clearly in the wrong, and I wasn’t about to apologize for a mistake she had made.
<<No!>> was my answer <<It’s you who has to apologize to me! I have>> but I was silenced by a slap.
The violence of that blow was such that I remember losing my balance and the ability to see, yet that boy had slapped me with a light and listless movement.
<<I’ll ask you just one more time. Apologize.>>
I could barely see him, but I still refused.
<<As you wish.>>
He grabbed me by the back of my neck and started squeezing. The pain I felt was excruciating, so much that I couldn’t even scream; i tried to rebel in an uncoordinated way, but i ended up on my knees almost immediately, and with tears in my eyes i decided to give up and do whatever he wanted; i couldn’t go on taking that pain.
<<Sorry! Sorry! I apologize!>>
<<Too late buddy. You will have to do more than that now.>> he said <<Kiss her feet. Show that you’re really sorry.>>
My sister was clearly enjoying it all, and smoothly stretched one of her feet; I kissed her without any hesitation, I just wanted the agony to go away.
At that point he pushed my face into the floor, pressing with extreme force.
<<Now, calmly, explain to me what your problem is.>> he said.
<<Today the rent expires … we have to pay. I already paid my part but she didn’t!>>
<<How much money do you have now?>>
<<I…I only have six hundred dollars!>>
<<How much is left to complete the rent?>>
<<Seven hundred dollars.>>
<<Good. She has a hundred dollars. You six hundred. Put that together and you will pay the rent. Problem solved.>>
<<N-no! T-the problem is that I have already paid seven hundred dollars! The remaining 700 are all hers!>>
<<So what? You’re a loser who spends all your free time playing video games. You really don’t need that money.>>
With tears in my eyes, I whimpered that it wasn’t true, but he persisted reminding me of how I lacked an effective social life. And he was right. I wasn’t dating anyone and my money was either put into my bank or used to buy takeout because I have no idea how to cook by myself.
After a while he lifted my face off the ground to bring it in front of his; his breath went straight into my nostrils as he spoke, and as much as I hated that situation I felt that my penis was about to explode with pleasure… I’ve never been so close to such an handsome man before, and that show of strength was turning me on a lot more than it should.
<<Now you pick up the phone, pay the rent, and we’ll close the matter here.>> I remember hearing him say.
I started crying that I didn’t want to do it, but that guy didn’t budge. Placing his hand better on the back of my neck he lifted me off the ground as if I were a little kid; compared to him I was a toddler indeed, short as a dwarf and skinny as a skeleton.
Once in that position something that surprised both me and him happened; my sister, out of nowhere, threw herself at his feet, took down his boxers and started giving him a blowjob; it was so causal and unexpected that the boy’s first reaction was almost fear, but then he started laughing and placing his free hand on my sister’s head he looked me straight in the eyes again, this time with an arrogant smug smile printed on his face.
<<Sorry, it’s that we have little time to do this, I have to go soon, so … maybe it’s better if you hurry up and pay. I’ll give you time until I cum in your sister’s mouth … and if you haven’t decided to pay by then, the next thing I’ll fuck will be you, but not in that sense.>>
that was such a weird yet exciting experience that sometimes I wonder if it really happened … it was practically a dreamlike experience.
Seeing my sister give him a blowjob from up there, while he was holding me in the air with a single hand like I was a garden gnome, it was actually me who was at risk of cumming… so I took my phone out of my pocket and started the procedure for making an online transfer, when I suddenly heard him say:
<<Not 600 … 700. You pay it all.>>
<<B-but I don’t have all that money.>>
<<Don’t care. You have a credit card, so you can go down without problems.>>
<<You. Pay it. All.>> he repeated, looking me straight in the eyes.
It was so fucking handsome … so fucking hot … so fucking powerfull … that I wired $700 to my renter.
<<S … sent …>> I told him once the transfer was done, so he smiled with satisfaction and then shifted his entire attention to my sister, starting to fuck her face with much more heat and fury than before.
I was still up there, rock hard, watching my sister’s face get butchered by a stud three times my size; my penis throbbed in rhythm with the boy’s movements, who at a certain point looked me in the face again, this time with an expression full of pleasure.
His face distorted by pleasure, his muscular and sweaty body, his rhythmic and powerful movements, even the smell of his breath … everything about him was frying my brain, and in the end I only remember cuming just a few second before him.
As my cum leaked out of my underwear and dropped onto the floor, his was swallowed with passion by my sister; she didn’t miss a single drop while proceeding to lick his penis and balls completely clean.
<<Good girl … you deserve a reward now.>> I heard him murmur softly as he stroked her head gently, then he let me go as if I was nothing but a garbage bag and the two of them went to their room leaving me in the hallway like a poor idiot.

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