Her boyfriend

Everything was fine before he arrived.
I shared an apartment with my best friend, we went to the same university and attended the same courses; life was almost perfect, every day we went out with our other friends and when we got bored we would watch movies and tv series together on the sofa in the living room.
She got engaged though, and suddenly she didn’t have time for me anymore.
I kept asking her to go out with me though, but she kept refusing; I tried to organize group outings with our other friends, but the boyfriend didn’t feel like participating and therefore she didn’t participate either; I begged her to go to the cinema again like the old times, but she preferred to go alone with him.
One day I begged her to see a movie that was recently released on a streaming channel; it was a film we had been waiting for a long time, and I made it clear that I would be really offended if she didn’t accept … and so, reluctantly, she decided that that day she would stay home to see the film with me. On one condition though: Daniel, her boyfriend, was also coming.
My guts twisted at that news. Looking for him on social media, I realized that he was one of the hottest guys my friend has ever met, and the idea of ​​seeing him live thrilled and scared me at the same time.
When he entered the house I was struck by his physical appearance, he was even better than expected; however, he observed me with a mixture of disinterest and annoyance, and approaching me he asked me <<Are you the fag who lives with my girlfriend?>>
I swallowed; that wasn’t the greeting I was expecting to receive, but I didn’t have time to get offended and just said yes.
<<You don’t shower together or shit like that, right?>>
<<N-no, no! Of course not! Why?>>
<<Just to know.>> having said that, he patted me on the back and threw himself on the sofa in the living room, turning on the TV and picking up his cell phone.
He looked listless, bored and even a little annoyed. It was obvious he didn’t want to be there that night, my friend must have forced him.
I didn’t have the courage to get too close to him anyway, so I joined my friend in the kitchen, who was cooking dinner for all three of us. I don’t know how to cook, but I still wanted to help out just to have an excuse not to stay in the living room.
We ate on the sofa, and immediately things started getting wrong.
He was sitting between us, feet propped up on the coffee table in front of the sofa; my friend was to his left, head resting on his shoulder; I was to his right, stiff as a stone.
The two of them talked, laughed, joked with each other and acted as if they were alone… I just ate my dinner in silence, with my eyes fixed on the TV which had been set to a junk channel.
<<Hey fag>> Daniel called me at one point <<what do you have to drink in the fridge? Apart from the water.>>
<<Uh … T … there is some fruit juice.>> was my answer.
He sighed <<Do you have any beer?>>
<<I-I think so … yes.>>
<<Bring me one.>> he said <<And take this.>> he added, giving me their dirty dishes <<Wash them quickly. As soon as you get back, we’ll see this damned movie.>>
I didn’t expect that behavior from him. He acted like I was just a doormat. But even less did I expect my behavior, because, although a little offended and frustrated, I decided not to make too much of a fuss and to obey.
I took the dishes to the kitchen, washed them, and then brought Daniel the beer.
<<Dude … open it.>>
<<O-oh, yeah…sorry!>>
I ran to the kitchen to bring him the bottle opener, but once I did it he looked at me with an expression almost more annoyed than before <<I said to open it. What the fuck are you waiting for?>>
Swallowing, I obeyed again, opened the beer he was holding, and then returned to my seat; my heart was pounding, but I wasn’t sure if it was indignation or excitement… I don’t know why, but I was strangely liking the tone he was using.
Those two chattered, snogged and giggled at each other for most of the film, and in the meantime I felt…weird. I was disappointed with my friend’s behavior, I felt hurt and offended, dissatisfied and frustrated, but at the same time Daniel’s presence was making me quite passive.
I often glanced surreptitiously at the muscles of his arms and legs, in full view; he had fantastic biceps, and even better calves… and then those shoes, placed comfortably on the table, were wonderful… I stared at them for whole minutes without even realizing it.
When the movie was over my girlfriend literally got above Daniel back and started kissing him much more passionately than before; I blushed and felt like I was in a place I absolutely shouldn’t have been, yet I couldn’t move nor could I take my eyes off them.
At one point Daniel glances at me.
<<You are into feet, right?>>
That question made me jump in surprise <<E-eh?>>
<<You spent more time looking at my shoes than watching the movie.>> he continued.
<<W-what are you saying?>> I tried to defend myself, more nervous than ever.
<<Don’t worry. I don’t know why, but you gays really like feet, and there are hundreds of fags who pay me to see mine. So … I’m kinda used to it.>> he said with a smile <<You’re my girlfriend’s best friend though, so I’ll be nice with you Go and take off my shoes.>>
<<W … what?>> was my confused and perplexed answer; I was quickly panicking, what was going on?
<<You understood me. Go there>> said Daniel, pointing to his feet <<and take off my shoes.>>
<<W…why? I don’t>>
<<Listen fag, I recognize losers like you, I know where they end up. So shut up and do what I tell you. This is the only chance you have to do something like this for free. Because in the future, trust me, you’re going to have to pay to have the honor of even being near the feet of a man like me. Got it?>> he pointed to his feet again <<Go there. It’s your last chance. I won’t ask it again.>>
And at that point I obeyed.

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