Black bots 4/5

Length: short

Being with my friend reassured me.
We had dinner together and went out that evening, returning a little late.
He was tipsy, but I didn’t drink. I left him in his room and went to the guest room, the one he gave me.
There I did other research on the “Black Web”. On normal search engines I was getting answers related to the “Dark Web” though, which has a similar name. I had to do the research using the link that the guy from Reddit sent me.
As already mentioned, on that site there were several creepypastas related to kidnappings and tortures, but going back there I noticed that in addition to the stories they also share the videos. To be able to see them I had to be a subscriber though, which is why I initially ignored them.
Taken by curiosity, I decided to subscribe to that site. Apparently my email wasn’t even needed, so signing up seemed safe and hassle-free as well as fast, and once I became a member of the site I had access to the videos.
Calling them horror is an understatement. They are not really “scary”, but more than anything else they generate sadness. The people trapped in those dark and battered rooms looked like ordinary, common people… people with a family, a hope and a future, people like me.
I only saw two videos and then I couldn’t stand anymore. I first went to vomit in the bathroom, and then I decided to unsubscribe from the site by deleting my profile.
I didn’t leave the site though, and by staying there I discovered a lot of things.
There is a place on the Dark Web called “Black Theater”, and these videos seem to come from there. Apparently the Black Theater has something to do with the Black Web, which is why many are interested in its horror content.
Furthermore, I have understood that they don’t torture people just for fun. In fact they are used to carry out a series of human experiments financed through cryptocurrencies, and there are those who think that all the experiments are being carried out by the same person.
The Black Theater is a difficult site to locate, and even more difficult is to access it. But I’m lucky, because in the forum they constantly update the various links with which you can access it, and so … driven by curiosity, I’ve done it.
That site is… huge. It’s very simple both in graphics and in structure (I know porn sites with better graphics) but it is full of contents that update every second: the comments under the videos appear in real time, the writings change continuously, and I notice texts written in foreigners languages being translated into my language before my own eyes!
On the site there is not only violence, there is not only blood, there is much more. I see videos dedicated to the creation of incredible new technologies, I read secret documents belonging to government agencies that are quietly exchanged between users, and finally I find an access to the Black Web … the father of all black bots.
I can’t access it obviously, but I am allowed (under payment) to upload an artificial intelligence inside it. I obviously couldn’t do it, but since I was there I decided to continue to explore the site until I saw it.
That video.
The video shot in my house when I was drunk.