Black bots 3/5

Length: short

I was suspicious. The Reddit guy told me not to go home or call the police, which made me think about the possibility that someone had broken into my house to steal.
I returned from work early accompanied by friends, but when I arrived I found everything as I had left it. Nothing had been moved. The computer, the desk … I even checked all the rooms in the apartment, including wardrobes and furniture, and found nothing.
For a moment I thought the guy was just a troll, someone like me, a person who enjoys teasing and alarming others. And so I let my guard down.
I had dinner with friends, drank some beer, and then… I slept.
I admit that when I woke up I felt a bit strange though. First of all I dreamed of being locked up in my room, in the dark, forced to look at me while I was sleeping on the bed in a sprawling way. A strange dream to say the least.
Then when I woke up I had a very strong and disturbing feeling of having been spied on. That was a feeling similar to what you get when you are constantly stared at by someone, but it was a feeling aimed at the past and not the present … as if people I didn’t know were looking at me all night just to leave right before I woke up.
Speaking of waking up… that too was horrible. I was naked and I didn’t remember why, besides that I felt severe pain in the genital organ and the blankets were all wet: I had had a wet dream.
I went to take a shower, and returning to my room I noticed that my clothes were inside the wardrobe … perfectly folded.
I was half drunk the day before. I accepted that I found myself naked because of that fact … but the folded clothes? I didn’t even remember taking them off… and then how could I have folded them if I could barely stand up?
I started to be afraid. This time for real. I felt a fear that I had not felt since I was little, the fear of not knowing which monster I was going to encounter when walking inside a dark room.
I went back to Reddit and asked that profile for help again, but he didn’t respond this time. I thought he was getting tired of wasting time with me. I had ignored every advice from him, and he had no real reason to help me, so that decision was understandable.
However, I decided to follow the instructions given to me the day before. I packed my bags and asked a friend if I would to be able to spend a couple of nights at his house, then I unplugged the modem and turned off the computer.
Getting into the car, I looked for information on the fashion agency that the profile on Reddit told me about, but I didn’t find much about it.
Just as I was doing that research I got a notification – the guy from Reddit had finally responded.
“Sorry, I was asleep. So … What did you want to tell me? “
I confessed everything to him. I admitted that I didn’t trust him, never listened to him and slept in my house. I told him about my strange awakening, about the feeling I had of being spied on and also about the fact that in my opinion someone had sneaked into my house, since my clothes had been folded and put in the closet.
“This is serious. What are you doing now?”
“I’m going to a friend’s house. I’ll sleep there for a while. I took a few days off from work and I hope I can solve this mess quickly.”
“And the agency that I told you about?”
“I don’t know, I can’t find it on the internet. But what is going on? Why is this happening to me?”
“The only thing I know is hat the same thing has happened to many others.”
“For real? I’ve never heard anything about this.”
“I’ll send you a link. There is a forum where they talk about it. “
When I arrived at my friend’s house I opened the link and explored the forum he mentioned to me.
There people talked about guys who were tortured in unspeakable ways, people kidnapped and then torn to pieces… creepypasta in short. I didn’t waste much time on that type of discussions, I just focused on the black bot issue.
I have read many discussions regarding the intelligence of this strange forms of AI, the fact that they can even make films and produce music, and the fact that they were gradually becoming more and more intrusive.
I read an interesting discussion about their provenance. Someone claimed to have discovered from where the recent bots that had targeted the most used social networks came from.
Initially they appeared to come from foreign government agencies. But that was just a misdirection. Following the speech made by that anonymous, governments had little or nothing to do with the appearance of all these black bots. They came from somewhere else, from a hidden and obscured site called the “Black Web”.
The Black Web should be that site accessible only by AI’s, and following the theories of all the anonymous people I have read, the Black Web should be the origin of the black bots.
I talked to the guy on Reddit about this.
“Yeah, I know about that. But you cannot access that site.”
“There must be a way to do it.”
“Of course. Through bots. You can do it too, if you want. “
“For real?”
“Yup. You can create a small AI, after which you have to upload it to a site open to the public. That site will take care of bringing your AI to the Black Web. “
“I don’t understand much about these things, so I don’t think I can do it.”
“You must not. It’s useless. Only some AI ​​developers do that. “
“But why?”
“Because when AI’s leave the Black Web, they do so with some changes to their code. They come out of there as if they have evolved. They are more complete and more efficient. “
“Wow. Is such a thing really possible? “
“At first it was just an urban legend. Nobody believed it. But now people are starting to exploit this Black Web for their own purposes.”
“But why no one talk about this?”
“This is still a new thing. Maybe in a few years we will hear about it more. “
“Okay. So what am I supposed to do now? I can’t find the agency you told me about! It does not exist!”
“Wait … I have to do a thing. I will contact you as soon as possible. Just wait.”
And so I did. I waited.
But I shouldn’t have.