White room 5/9

Length: short

I’m the one who applied the total synaesthesia to his brain. I have not limited myself to this however, I have also improved the communication between neurons by creating immediate passages between the two brain cells. Now Alessio’s thinking speed should be unmatched by other humans and almost on par with that of computers.
“Almost” only because the information that Alessio’s neurons exchange travels in zero time, which makes the computers slightly slower than him, since the speed of light is slower than teleportation.
This didn’t make him any smarter though. Just faster.
I gave to his whole body this kind of improvement. Alessio has not yet realized this because he is distracted by the synaesthesia, but now the oxygen goes directly where it needs to go without having to be transported, the orders of the brain reach the limbs immediately, and in general every action is simply faster because everything it’s exactly where it needs to be when it needs to be. This is also why he moved so well before.
I could make other changes if I want, but I need more organic material to work on in order to improve him.
I need more food.
<<Fuck, I’m so hungry.>> Alessio says as he sits in front of the test table, then sighs, slightly irritated <<Okay … so? What should I do?>>
The woman sits down in front of him <<What do you see above here?>>
Alessio lowers his gaze, but in reality he doesn’t need to look to see what’s on top. He already knows.
<<A photo … a glass of water … some scissors …>>
<<Let’s start with this!>> she takes the photo and puts it right in front of him <<What do you see?>>
<<A house.>>
<< What do you feel? >>
<<Er … some quiet notes. Familiar notes. I’ve heard them before. They are delicate. And they are nostalgic. They make me think of … something … I don’t know actually.>>
<<What do you not know?>>
Alessio shrugs <<I don’t know what this sounds make me think of. They’re just nostalgic. But I like them.>>
<<Do you hear something else beside the sounds?>>
Alessio focuses on the photo << Uhm… a familiar taste. Something I’ve already eaten many, many times. Same thing goes for the smell. While the consistency tastes solid and safe. It is also comfortable and soft. And warm.>>
The woman smiles <<Interesting.>> she puts the photo down and tells us to pick up the glass <<And this? What do you feel about this?>>
Alessio makes an annoyed face <<It has bothered me since it entered the room.>>
<<Oh yes?>>
<<Yes. Is cold. It’s wet. It tastes wet. But it has no smell. The taste… it’s fresh. Like a popsicle made only of water. And it doesn’t emit particular sounds, only a very thin constant note.>> the boy says <<If I move it the note changes, but it remains thin. I don’t know how else to describe it.>>
<<Try to drink it.>> the woman proposes, and Alessio, albeit with a bit of hesitation and doubt, does so.
He feels the water run down his throat, down to his stomach. That “thin note” first transforms into a rapid musical sequence, and then mixes with the composition that his body is producing, and there, little by little, it gets lost in the other sounds.
Alessio puts the glass on the table immediately after. Now that it is empty that note has disappeared, only a sound light and imperceptible remains, almost non-existent. It is because the glass is transparent probably.
<<So?>> asks the woman with a smile.
<<It taste like nothing.>> is the answer of Alessio <<My mouth is even drier than before.>>
<<Great! Let’s continue.>>
She puts several objects in our hands, one after the other. They are laces, scissors, pens, syringes… she asks us questions, and Alessio answers as best he can.
When the objects finish, the woman makes a mock applause.
<<Congratulations! Synesthesia looks great on you! Most people die because of it. But not you. Well done!>>
<<Dies?>> asks the boy with a slight concern.
<<The brain tends to explode. For obvious reasons.>>
<<You said that synaesthesia was not dangerous though.>>
<< In fact it is not. For you. >> and the woman smiles <<The problem is that the field of consciousness is very difficult to contain. Many people can’t stand it.>>
<<The… what?>>
She sighs <<You really don’t know anything, huh?>>
<<I don’t even know what I’m doing here! >> Alessio replies.
<<Exactly. You don’t know anything.>> she remarks, then smiles <<Come on, let me explain it to you big boy. I’m here for this after all.>>