Full moon 3/3

Length: medium-short

Samuel is on a stretcher. Pushing him is a tall man; Samuel can’t see him well, he wears dark clothes and walks very slowly.
Great. Now he has plenty of time to read.
He opens the booklet, which this time immediately begins to tell its story, without preamble.
It tells of a young Samuel given away by his parents to an orphanage, who sold him to a doctor. The doctor in question did horrible things to children, especially if they were girls, but Samuel was a boy and therefore his destiny would be the “laboratory”.
His brain has been opened. The doctor played with it for a while using hard drugs and electric shocks. By the time he was finished, Samuel’s mind was completely shattered and his five senses were mixed together.
He saw with his nose, heard with his mouth, smelled with his hands … a real mess. Samuel’s life had become horrible, unlivable. He wanted to die. He asked to die, every day. The doctor was sadistic though, and said no.
He recorded everything and sent the files to a medical company. His was just an experiment. He worked with or for that company.
So, Samuel was forced to adapt to his sad condition, but over time he realized that the five senses, mixing with each other, had generated an extra sense. The “sixth sense”.
The doctor was happy. He clapped his hands. Now Samuel had the sixth sense and therefore the experiment was successful. Too bad that at that point Samuel was no longer useful and therefore had to die. But with the help of his new sense, the boy defended himself from the doctor. He failed to take revenge however, because the man ran away, but Samuel swore to take him back.
To find him, he used his sixth sense to get into politics, and then, once he got the power … his story repeats itself. He becomes immense while crushing peoples. Their blood is used to color the moon.
But this time there is no one to interrupt the dream, so he continues.
Samuel is on the moon. He is crying blood. He is sad because he had sworn revenge, but failed to get it. The art masters of the first dream … disappeared. The government men from the second dream… gone. The doctor of this dream? Gone too. Yet Samuel killed all human beings on planet Earth. Why didn’t his torturers appear on the list of victims?
In the end, Samuel realizes something. Every human was dead, but for all this time he had been chasing someone who was not human. And now there was only one human left, alone and on the moon.
He sits on it, for that’s his kingdom now. And from up there he observes the life forms below. He watches them in search of the men who have made him suffer and he’s sure he will find them because he thinks he is at the highest point in the sky; he believes that no one else is higher than him.
But he’s wrong. And the story ends with the sad realization that Samuel doesn’t have to look below, but above, if he wants to find who he is looking for.
The story ends… but the dream doesn’t.
The real Samuel is visualizing this story through images, as if he were seeing a movie, and the last image he sees is a red moon, alert and attentive to the world of men like an eye looking for something, looking for revenge.
An inscription appears at that moment. “Installation completed”.
Samuel then closes the book knowing that there was nothing else to see, and looks up at the man who is carrying his stretcher. He recognizes it: he is the same one who drove the car instead of his father, he is the same one who was drawing on the blackboard instead of the professor.
<<Who are you? >> asks the boy frightened by the fact that he cannot move, he is paralyzed.
<<We don’t have a name.>> the man answers; he has an immense tone of voice, certainly not normal, certainly not human … <<We are what we do.>>
<<And … what do you do?>>
<<I bring civilization to inferior peoples. I write hystory using the blood of the losers. >> is his answer << And you are my new home, now.>>
<<N… new home? What do you mean?>>
<<Don’t be alarmed. I will be a silent guest. You will never hear a word from me, whether requested or necessary, and that is a promise. Yours is the duty to keep me safe. If I get lost, I’ll look for a new home.>>
Samuel would like to faint … too bad he’s already fainted, technically.
He do not know what to do. He doesn’t know how to escape from that situation.
Now Samuel thinks that the man is really a demon.
<<You are… you are the one who… who writes in the book, right?>>
<<The book was my old abode, ugly and cramped. You are far better, an excellent pen with which to write. I will lose some privileges as a result of this transition, but with you I am back to smells and tastes, and I gladly renounce to omniscience for the pleasure of returning to crush others’s weakness with my bare hands.>>
But Samuel receives no response after that, and his stretcher goes on until the boy wakes up.