Group Commissions

You may have noticed that some characters, places and events have illustrated images while many others do not. This is due to the fact that an enormous effort of time and money is required to create those images, things that unfortunately are in short supply at the moment.

But I’d like to give each character, as well as each notable action scene, an image of its own. A unique and quality image. And there is a way to get these images at practically no cost!

In fact, a good image, whether it’s a digital drawing or a photograph, can cost up to 1000 euros or more in commission! But if a thousand people pay 1 euro each for the commission, we would be able to have that image for practically free.
And that’s what these group commissions are. Furthermore, the commissions are transparent, which means that everyone can see how far it have arrived, so to avoid possible scams.

Below you will find a list of characters or story. If you want to have some new visual material while supporting the site and all its collaborators and artist, go forward and partecipate to the commission givin 1 euro to your favorite character! It’s cheap and in return you’ll get quality material, plus an unique reward given only to those who participate in the commissions!

The system is still in testing phase, so for now the rules are very simple. Commissions remain open till they reach their first point; from there they will close after 30 days, a period in which readers will have time to give bring the commission to the other points. Here are the points:

  • 10+ euro, simple portrait of a face created by AI (example)
  • 30+ euros, little elaborate image of a character (example)
  • 50+ euros, elaborated image of a character (example)
  • 100+ euros, elaborated image of a character accompanied by a background (which can be more or less detailed according to the money raised)
  • 200+ euros, photorealistic image or photoshopped photo of a character accompanied by a background (which can be more or less detailed depending on the money raised)
  • 500+ euros, composition of a scene where there are several characters (it can be an action scene)
  • 1000+ euros, compositions of multiple scenes (the amount of scenes depends on the money collected, they can even form a small comic)

The money accumulated is visible to all readers, so they’ll know how many points the commission has reached. Once the work is finished, it will be published on the site and will be accessible to anyone, but those who participated in the commissions will receive some unpublished and private images by email as a reward for their good deed! (example).
Furthermore, the site asks you to give only 1 euro, but you can give more if you want.

Commission detailed images about Marius